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God’s Purpose for You Is Active

Jul 18, 2017 |

To honor the purposeful and pure God:
• Do justly.
• Love mercy.
• Walk humbly with your God.

Those three commands are a tall order. But in one sense they are clear and can be completed by any believer. A child can cut the last brownie and let the sibling choose. That’s a way to share the last brownie justly. A parent can mercifully give those two children towels to clean up the milk they spilled while eating the half brownies. And that same parent can humbly-as-one-teachable-by-God suggest that in the future the children keep their cups away from the edge of the table. Yes there is milk all over the floor and the walls because the cups bounced. But we’ve all created even bigger messes for the God who loves us.

These Micah 6:6–8 commands are clear in some ways, but in other ways they are incredibly complex. What is the balance of justice and mercy for the offender who killed seventeen people? How do we walk humbly when a severe injustice at work calls for us to step in and correct it?

Think About It:

The answers lie in our created purpose, and how God wants us to express our purpose during each particular occurrence. God’s purpose affects both the kitchen table spills and the nuclear spills that create cancer for generations.

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