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September 10, 2020

Frequently Asked Questions

Leathersoft™ coverings are faux vegan leather. These materials offer diverse color options at more accessible prices, but still provide durability for every day use.

Sewn bindings are a mark of traditional quality bookbinding. Pages are grouped together and folded into “signatures.” Then the signatures are each sewn together along the fold with thread going through each page multiple times. Finally, the signatures are sewn together to complete the book block. After the book block is sewn together, additional reinforcement is often glued to the spine over the stitched signatures.

Books with sewn bindings lay flatter when opened, are more durable, and last longer than glued or other bindings.

All Thomas Nelson Bibles that have been produced since 2017 with a retail price of $10 or more are sewn bindings.

Comfort Print® are a family of Bible fonts (also known as typefaces) developed by Thomas Nelson. We commissioned the world-renowned Bible typography design firm, 2K/Denmark to create unique typefaces for each of our major Bible translations that reflect the history and character inherent in each translation, respectively. The Comfort Print typefaces blend the tradition of Bible printing with the best advances in modern typography.

As a result, Comfort Print typefaces provide an elegant solution to the challenges of Bible printing. Because Bibles cover a broad range in sizes and formats – from pocket size to super giant print — Comfort Print Bibles are remarkable for their clarity and readability at any type size. Learn more.

Our goal at Thomas Nelson is to provide quality products that our retail partners and customers can trust. That’s why when you purchase one of our Bibles, it comes with a Lifetime Guarantee.

If a Bible fails because of manufacturing defects, you may return it for a free replacement. If the same Bible is no longer available, it will be replaced with a Bible of the same or greater value. This guarantee does not apply to normal wear and tear.

Any non-Bible product within this catalog with a manufacturing defect may be returned for a free replacement of the same or comparable product within one year of date of purchase.

If you have a Bible that needs replacement due to manufacturing defect, please follow these instructions for more information.

We work with retail partners worldwide, who serve local and regional customers. If you are looking for something specific that you can’t find already on the shelves, often bookstores can order for you using the 13-digit ISBN number.

On occasion, we provide Bibles to qualified reviewers. If you would like to apply for consideration, please send us a request with details about your website or other media, where you plan to post the review, your promotion plan, and how many people you typically reach. We will work with you from there.

Email us to request a review copy.

To purchase Bibles in bulk, we recommend sources such as or

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