People at Work

July 25, 2017

When God made human beings in His image (Genesis 1:26-30), He appointed them as His coworkers in overseeing creation and gave them dominion over His works. Consider the implications of that fact:

We bear God’s image. God has invested human beings with dignity and value. We matter. Who we are and what we do are significant. God has created us for a reason, which gives us meaning and purpose.

We are created as workers. God is a worker, and we are made in His image. Our labors express who He is and what He wants accomplished in the world. Our work has worth.

We are God’s coworkers. God gives us managerial authority to subdue the earth—to nurture and develop it, bring it under our control, use it to meet our needs, explore its wonders, and cooperate with its natural laws. We join Him when we manage creation or advance human well-being.

Our everyday jobs are a significant way by which we can fulfill God’s goals and put our God-given skills into action. We bring Him glory when we are faithful managers of the resources and responsibilities he puts under our authority. And we find fulfillment and motivation as we partner with god in lifting up His creation and looking out for the good of others.

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