Woman’s Study Bible Features

December 7, 2020

The Woman’s Study Bible is a unique Bible prepared by women for women with contributions from more than eighty women leaders from a variety of ethnic, denominational, educational and occupational backgrounds. The thousands of study features offer Scripture-based insights for growing in godly womanhood and identity as a Christ-follower.

Biographical Portraits


Be inspired and challenged by the lives of women in the Bible! More than one hundred portraits bring to life the women of the Bible, including their problems and how they solved them, both the good and bad, and the results of doing something God’s way in contrast to our own way. Many of these Bible women will become your examples, your inspiration, your mentors, and your friends.

Verse-by-Verse Study Notes 


Extensive verse-by-verse study notes offer background information for specific verses. Found at the bottom of each Bible page, they offer an excellent way to go deeper in your own personal study of Scripture.

Topical Articles


Over 300 articles are placed throughout the Bible exploring topics such as Graciousness, Stewardship, and Love and Obedience. Articles are written by godly women leaders who are experts in the fields of theology, biblical studies, archaeology, and philosophy.

Book Introductions and Outlines


Comprehensive book introductions provide context and overview of each book of the Bible. The introductory material includes information about the author, date, setting, purpose, audience, literary characteristics, and themes. Book outlines lead you through a study of the book in a systematic way.

In-Text Maps


Hundreds of color maps throughout the Bible give deeper meaning to passages by offering a visual understanding of the distance and terrain experienced by characters in the Bible.



Color charts throughout the Bible offer graphical summaries of important concepts and information in the Bible. Charts include topics such as “Spiritual Mothering,” “The Kings of Babylon,””Plants of the Bible,” “Prayers for Your Children,” and “Fulfilled Prophecies From Isaiah.”



Inspirational quotes from godly women throughout history are placed throughout the Bible text. They remind us that God has been at work in the lives of women throughout time and their insights offer thoughts for our own reflection today.

Family Trees


Family trees provide a visual help for understanding important the relationships of characters in the Bible. See the family trees of Abraham, Ruth, Saul, and Herod the Great!

Topical Index and Concordance


An alphabetical guide to all the topical notes, portraits, charts, maps, and many of the subjects covered in annotations allows you to easily study topics that matter to you each day. A concordance of important words in the Bible is also included to help you locate specific verses.