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January 22, 2021

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Thomas Nelson has been publishing Bibles for a long time. As a result, a lot of Bibles are now out of print that you or your customers may be looking for. One of the biggest requests we hear is to provide a clear and easy way to find the right transition to available Bibles. Below is a working list of old Thomas Nelson Bibles organized by translation and style number with links to the nearest equivalent Bibles currently in print.

About Thomas Nelson Style Numbers

Thomas Nelson Style NumberHistorically, Thomas Nelson relied on an alphanumeric code called a style number to identify Bibles with a particular set of features, cover material, and color. The code, sometimes referred to as a model number, was often printed on the spine. While our Bibles still have a style number indicated on the packaging, more frequently, order forms have now moved to 13-digit ISBN numbers.

As an example, here is how a style number has worked.

NKJV Personal Size Giant Print End-of-Verse Reference Bible

165 = base
1652 = Hardcover (2) Black (default)
1652BG = Hardcover Burgundy (BG)
1653BK = Leathersoft (3) Black (BK)
1653GI = Leathersoft (3) Green (G) Thumb Indexed (I)
1655 = Bonded leather (5) Black (default or BK added)

Out of Print Conversion List

Style numbers are listed below by translation and in numerical order of the first 3 digits. The description is then linked to the Bible lines currently in print that are the closest match. If there isn’t a match to a key feature, a recommendation is provided for a close substitute, as noted.

NKJV Bibles

KJV Bibles


Help us help you! If we are missing a style number family that you are looking to replace, please send us the details through the contact form.