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Resurrection People in the Day of Chaos

Apr 8, 2020 | |Philip Nation

Written by Philip Nation, Thomas Nelson Bibles Publisher

Easter is the moment for many people to renew their faith. For those who have strayed, they come home. For those who are faithful, it is a time of deepening. As a holiday, it actively proclaims that spiritual transformation is possible. In it, we find our movement from death to life. Easter Sunday is the reminder that we are a resurrection people.

But the Easter of 2020 is unlike anything humanity has experienced in a long time.

The phrase “social distancing” was one I’d never heard of two months ago and now use daily. With intentionality, we are separated from one another. Ordered to stay at home or shelter in place, I’ve been on more Facetime, Skype, Zoom, and WebEx meetings to last a lifetime. I miss seeing family and friends. At this point, I just miss going anywhere besides the occasional social distancing walk around my neighborhood.

And, on Good Friday and Easter Sunday, I will miss gathering with my church family.

The people who are experts in the field of infectious diseases say that we are living through a global pandemic. It is not a matter to be taken lightly. Though I’d love to go to the mall, grocery store, and the theater, it’s simply not safe. Instead, it’s a matter of life and death. And, I realize that death has touched some of you personally. You’ve lost a family member or a friend. The looming grief brings Easter into an even clearer focus. The power of resurrection is what you long to experience.

As people of the Christian faith, though the circumstance is unprecedented to us, it is not a foreign concept to us. We consistently deal with these exact issues: life and death. After all, we are people of the resurrection.

Sadly, too many people miss this about the Christian faith. They will log on or tune in to an Easter service this year out of fear, tradition, guilt, or family ritual. But, then again, too many people do this every week. Rather than see the message of the resurrection as the necessary message of our lives, their cyber-attendance will be treated like a lucky charm or proof that God should spare them. Simply because “it’s the thing to do,” ritual will replace heartfelt worship.

But we are told plainly in 1 Corinthians 15:14 (NET), “And if Christ has not been raised, then our preaching is futile and your faith is empty.” Without the resurrection, the whole of what the church does and says is in vain. As you enter into this Easter celebration, allow me to offer you three ideas to consider.

Live by the Resurrection

Easter emphasizes hope. The resurrection is more than just mere wishing, fantasy, and hopefulness. It is the power of Jesus’ resurrection that gives us new life. Hope literally comes to life and it is that hope by which we live. Now, as we live through one of our times’ greatest crisis, live by the power of the resurrected Lord in us. We must carefully guard ourselves from slipping back into a dull moralism or attempting to bargain with God. No more: “I promise to be good if, God, you will keep me healthy.” Instead, remember that God has welcomed us into His family by the resurrection and it is by it that we must now live out our faith. Even when that faith is tested by a global crisis.

We Tell a Resurrection Message

We have the greatest news possible and we need to say it out loud. And, not just our pastors during worship services. The resurrection is the good news that people need in this time. We know that all organizations are weakened by “mission drift.” With believers, we drift from our mission when we stop discussing the gospel in favor of simply doing good deeds for others.

We are in one of the greatest moments of gospel-proclamation that will occur in our lives. Christians must choose to be prepared and emboldened to discuss our Savior and His great work on our behalf. While you serve neighbors, check on family members, and, perhaps, find ways to tangibly serve those in need, do so with the news of the resurrection as your motivation and your message. To be resurrection people, we must invite others to experience its power. It is the issue for which we should be our most persuasive.

We Await the Final Resurrection

Jesus made it clear that history will one day come to an end. Plus, He made it clear that we will not know when the end will come. As believers, we are waiting for more than just the end. We await the final resurrection when everything will be made new again.

The coronavirus pandemic puts on display just how broken and battered our world truly is. People hoarding everything from food to toilet paper reveals how desperately we need to be made new by Christ’s redeeming work. As Christians, we live with the end in mind. Resurrection people have the greatest of all hopes. Live in that hope every day you have remaining on the earth.

The philosopher C.S. Lewis once wrote, “One must keep on pointing out that Christianity, if false, is of no importance, and if true, of infinite importance. The one thing it cannot be is moderately important” (from God in the Dock). The dire conditions have shaken humanity to its core. It is in these dark days that we can be people of light and life. We can, once again, proclaim and prove the “infinite importance” of the resurrection.

This Easter, as with every Easter, may we live and worship as resurrection people.

31 comments on “Resurrection People in the Day of Chaos

  1. Wendell E. Thomas says:

    Wow! Thank you Pastor. Covered everything I really needed to hear or read this morning. Happy Easter.

  2. Michael Sinclair says:

    So true, as followers of the risen Lord we have much to thank Him for, but let’s not keep it to ourselves. We will be asked by Jesus someday in the future to account for how we handled what we have received. In these unprecedented times when the hearts of people fail them we have Good News.

  3. Mr Constantine Mitzi says:

    Thank you Philip for what you have written it is so true but we need to make it more public so people know this,even Christians need to hear such words.
    Once again many thanks.
    Be blessed you and your Family.

  4. Sir Alex Katiku says:

    Amen amen amen.

    Great knowledge here.

    1. Adesola Adeyemi says:

      Quite instructive. As believers, it is important for us not to give to fear at a time like this. Instead, we are to hold on to our faith and proclaim the Good News of the life, death and resurrection of our Saviour.
      God bless you, Pastor Philip, for this write-up.

  5. Candice G Tarnawsky says:

    Thank you for these words. Blessings to all. Let us praise our Living God!

  6. ANGIE SILVA says:

    Thank you.

  7. Alisa DelCampo says:

    A fresh way of reflecting the hope of salvation through Jesus and the real reason we celebrate Easter. It’s motivating and to the point. Clear and precise yet eloquent in the sense that it is significant and televant to our times. Thumbs up to you Philip Nation. Well said!

  8. Ryan Jolie says:

    So true. Thank you.

  9. Chris Kelley says:

    Great thoughts… Especially about being “resurrection people”. Such a key distinction that I have missed before. Resurrection hope is everything. Thanks!

  10. G Ali says:

    Thank you for sharing this message of hope and wholeness that the resurrection brings to us. It buoyed my spirit longing for the coming of Jesus.

  11. Tammy says:

    Thank you for this message and Jesus Resurrection. God bless you my Friend. Love you

  12. Chris King says:

    hasnt death been defeated. Easter Sunday proves that…for 2000 years it was proven that death was defeated. Is that right or wrong.
    Im no student of Bible College or university and I may cause offense because I dont know how to say it except as I see it…so…Easter Sunday proves victory over death so Jesus has authority over covid 19 because covid 19 is a byproduct or pathway of death.

  13. Mary Travis says:

    Thank you for your article. It is a good reminder that we always need to be about the Father’s business. I have felt since this started that God was telling us to pay more attention to Him and His work than to our selves . To listen and spend time with Him and not worry, to be still and know that He is in charge. Thanks again.

  14. Mary Fyffe says:

    God Bless you. I too have been taken away with the mission drift and have sidestepped the ‘Great Commission’, the Mandate. I find it easier to ‘help’ someone than to ‘tell’ someone. I need guidance as to the ‘way’ to do this effectively.

  15. rudie says:

    for those who born again washed by His Blood, Baptised in His, Death, knowing that no one day is more important than the next, we ready as we don’t live anymore but Christ Jesus Who now lives in us. in this world but not from it, live by The Word Jesus Christ that teaches us that he who believes in Him shall live even when they die. and where 2 or 3 gathers in His Name there He is. All these are only possible when we have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. so this is a time of getting closer, put our food one side, seek His face for us to be vigilant, and recognise the face of the Antichrist. as Jesus said the world will advocate peace but there will be no peace. this is the time for the believer to start realising that not what the world has to say, or their eyes sees, that is or will be but what The Word of God has to say, as God is His Word Himself, Jesus Christ The Answer th the world.

  16. Melba Sanchez says:


  17. Alfredia Moss says:

    A great inspirational message

  18. Mark Duffey says:

    I know what you talking about because major of people think it is a joke(hoax)!! I don’t care what those people think!! I and my wife ,my church think it’s serious !!

  19. Joy says:

    How true.,we would not exist without the resurrection. Thankyou lord for the price you paid that we might live and the glorification of the resurrection

  20. Pauline says:

    Thank you that was so beautiful to read today

  21. Kathy Duckworth says:

    Wonderful message and reminder to share the confidence of why and who we believe in. Praise Jesus!

  22. Polly Buckman says:

    Isaiah 26 and 20 and Chronicle 2: 14 explain what’s happening today I feel that Pastors throughout the world no death the Bible speak about obeying the authorities pastors know about that church is it within thank God

  23. Verne Maxwell says:

    Thanks be unto God for His unspeakable gift

    may the way we who are His people rejoice always and be faithful witnesses to Glory of the Lord Jesus Christ

  24. Rabhika says:

    Thank you for encouraging us.
    Thank you for the financial prayer as it brings peace in my heart, especially that my husband doesn’t have a job. Thus financial burden on my shoulder. Thank you that it renews my faith and hope.

  25. Rhoda Adesanya says:

    Am so blessed for the hope I have through the resurrection of Jesus Hallelujah

  26. Solomon Abraham says:

    The writing is in tune with the reality on ground and Jesus is our hope, the way, the truth and the life. Thank you.

  27. Mildred gruner says:


  28. Bolanle Somoye says:

    Soul inspiring message needed at this time that the whole world is battling with the Covid-19 epidemic! May the Lord see us through it all and make us emerge stronger in our faith!

  29. Michael Holbrook says:

    I have been a Christian for many years. That is the one thing I try to keep in mind is that we are a people of the resurrection and a people of the Light not darkness. It saddens and frustrates me to see so many Christians or so called Christian’s, so uncommitted to a true faith in Christ. But I also know so many who are committed to Christ and this helps to encourage me. Thank you for this article.

  30. Ruth says:

    Thank you Pastor for your inspiring message .It awakens me to be bold and strong and able to speak about our savior and all the good he has done for us. But still I pray that God will strengthen me esp my area are full of Hindu unbelievers who are stubborn to listen to what I say , what surprise me is that they are willing to listen to false Gods teaching but not Christ Jesus!.
    But as you have mentioned I must be the salt and light for these people asking God to work through me.
    God bless

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