Premier Collection Bibles

September 17, 2020

Premium Bible Craftsmanship


Every Premier Collection Bible features the custom Comfort Print® typefaces designed by leading font foundry 2K/DENMARK. Combining tradition with the best advances in modern typography, these exclusive fonts assist in a smooth, comfortable reading experience.

The Making of the Comfort® Print Typefaces

Caring for Your Premier Collection Bible

Above all, Premier Collection Bibles are meant to be used and read. We pray that you encounter the power of God through His Word.

• While it’s best to have clean hands, the natural oils from your fingers are the best preservative for your Bible.
• Let your Bible lay flat on shelves or tables to protect the soft cover and page edges.
• Keep out of direct sunlight, extreme temperatures, and away from moisture.
• Don’t use cleaning products, including Bible cleaners or detergents.
• Consider a well-fitted Bible carrying case to provide protection from rain, dirt and spills.

Imprinting Premier Collection Bibles

Premier Collection Bibles use fine, full-grain goatskin leather, and adding personalization is more complex and risky than with less expensive materials. Because of the inherent challenges with this beautiful leather, personalization and imprinting on the cover are not recommended, but if you choose to, industry experts make the following suggestions for the best outcome:

1. Set the personalizer machine to 250 degrees.
2. Blind stamp the name first and, using strong pressure, hold for 3 to 4 seconds.
3. Apply foil and, with strong pressure, hold for ½ of a second.
[Note: Foil is required for personalization. Blind stamping alone won’t be sufficient due to the contrast against the grain of the leather.]

Quality Guaranteed

Purchase with confidence. Premier Collection Bibles come with a lifetime guarantee.