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Four Ways to Deepen Your Trust in God

“Lord, I believe; help my unbelief!” (Mark 9:24)

Those were the words of a desperate father, struggling to trust the Lord to heal his epileptic son. He wanted to put his full confidence in God, but wasn’t sure how to do it. If that dilemma seems all-too-familiar to you, here are four things you can do to shore up your trust in God.

Study His résumé.

If you’re not certain whether you should trust God, do a background check on Him. Start with His references from the Bible. Investigate His work in the lives of Noah, Abraham, Jacob, Joseph, Moses, Joshua, Hannah, Samuel, David, Solomon, Elijah, Elisha and Mary, among countless others. Get a sense of His past work habits and reliability. Talk to others who know Him, people you do trust. Find out what He’s done in their lives and how He’s proven Himself to be trustworthy in their eyes.

Connect the dots.

In Romans 8:28, the apostle Paul writes, “We know that all things work together for good to those who love God.” All things, in this context, include circumstances and situations that don’t appear to be good at all at first glance. This is the elusive heart of trust, the belief that even when things seem to be going wrong, God is laying the groundwork to bring about something good from them. That doesn’t mean we should be glad when something bad happens; it just means we recognize that nothing is so bad that God cannot bring good from it.

Keep a journal.

Every time God answers a prayer—in your life or in the life of someone you know—write it down. Every time He fulfills a promise in His Word, write it down. Every time He brings about something good in your life, write it down. Don’t rely on memory. Create a body of written evidence. Give yourself something to look back on, convincing proof for your future self that God can and should be trusted. (Check out 7 journaling prompts for help you mediate on biblical wisdom.)

Follow God’s lead.

“You shall be holy; for I am holy.” Those were God’s instructions to His people in Leviticus 11:44 (later referenced by the apostle Peter in 1 Peter 1:16). The perfect logic behind the instructions is that those who claim to follow the Lord should reflect His qualities. Holiness is one of those qualities.

Another is trustworthiness. God might just as well have said, “You shall be trustworthy; for I am trustworthy.”

The best way to convince people that God is trustworthy is to demonstrate that you are trustworthy. In your interactions with others, go to great lengths to be a person of your word:
• a person who can be depended on to do what you say you’re going to do
• a person who keeps confidences
• a person who places the highest priority on telling the truth.

Let people see God’s trustworthiness through you.




Many things have changed over the past 2,000 years. The good news of Jesus Christ isn’t one of them.



Think About It:

What Scriptures help you deepen your trust in God?

17 comments on “Four Ways to Deepen Your Trust in God

  1. Dennis Schaefer says:

    I am a new creation in Christ Jesus.

    Your word is a lamp unto my feet and a light upon my path.

  2. Johnnie V Thomas says:

    This was very nice to read and what was said backed up by scripture, absolutely love it.

  3. Gert Jordaan says:

    Thank for the advice I am starting a journal of the prayers answered and pray that through my testimony and a dedicated life I may reach others for Christ

  4. Yvette Simmons says:

    Thanks for your Encourage words from Varies Scriptures from the bible I Love the bible and a strong believer of God and The Lord Jesus Christ I walk by Faith live by Faith leaves everything in my father’s hand I read my bible everyday I love my father and Christ the lord and you should to read the bible it helps be a Believer it will help you pray and believe have faith keep the faith

  5. Sherman Peter says:

    Thanks for your great post. It helps a lot of us and this is exactly what I needed today.

  6. Suraj Prakash says:

    Really God wants to be we are totally trusted in the lord
    Thanks for this blessed massage and encouragement.

  7. Malebogo Lesolame says:

    Thank you for the journal idea.it will help me greatly with dates when I share great things God has done for me.

  8. Cyndy Levy says:

    I thank you for the encouragement. I especially like the idea of keeping a journal of answered prayers.
    Keep up the good work I’m sure alot of believers are benefiting from it.

  9. Maxwell Owane says:

    This article has really touched me into the marrow and therefore appreciate for this and pray that you do publish many more to help us in this journey of faith.Furthermore I get to realise that if at all I’d started keeping a journal sometime back I would have no reason to doubt God; am really thankful.

  10. Thokozani Tiwonge Matchere says:

    Absolutely a great!
    Am inspired to strengthen my trust in Him (The LORD).

    #Thank you so much for the insightful and impactful teaching.

  11. Aragon says:

    Connect the dots…
    “We know that all things work together for good to those that love God “ ALL THINGS… I took a screenshot of that section in order to refresh myself that “God is laying the ground work to bring about something good..” and “nothing is so bad that God cannot bring good form it.” Help my unbelief and help me trust in you Jesus.

    1. Kathy says:

      I screenshot connect the dots also. I need reminded that good will come out of my recent struggles.

  12. Lydia says:

    God bless you for the good work you are doing it’s really helpful.

  13. Patience Zwane says:

    I am so encouraged to trust God more. I will sytart to keep a journal of what God will be doing for me. 2019 my year of abundant grace.

  14. Wondimu says:

    James 1:6
    “But let him ask in faith, nothing wavering. For he that wavereth is like a wave of the sea driven with the wind and tossed.”
    James 1:7
    “For let not that man think that he shall receive any thing of the Lord.”James 1:8
    “A double minded man is unstable in all his ways.”
    when you beileve God ,you have to beilive indeed !!!
    God bless your service , you increase my faith in jesus omnipotentness

  15. Carolyn Moye says:

    Thank you so much, this was very uplifting and something that I needed to hear today. You just don’t know what this has done for my soul and spirit.

  16. Simon says:

    Plse sent this for me

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