Chronological Bible

November 1, 2021

A Study Bible that Gives You More Context about the Ancient World

Ever feel lost when reading through the Bible? Do you find yourself mixing up Israel’s history with Judah’s? What prompted David to write a particular Psalm? Why aren’t Paul’s letters in the order he wrote them?

With the Chronological Study Bible, you get the answers to these questions and more. By arranging Scripture in historical order, you gain significant context to how God’s story fits as a unified book. In addition, while resources like ancient cultural and historical insights, timelines, and articles are usually reserved for commentaries, this information sits side-by-side with Scripture – giving you a clear picture of how God worked throughout secular history to point toward one story of salvation.

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NIV Chronological Study Bibles
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See Inside the Chronological Study Bible

Filled With Study Features that Connect You to the History and Culture of Bible Times

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Immerse Yourself in Biblical Life and Culture

  • Agriculture and Herding
  • Architecture and Building
  • Arts and Literature
  • Beliefs and Ideas
  • Cults and the Supernatural
  • Culture and Society
  • Daily Life and Customs
  • Food and Drink
  • Geography and Environment
  • Health and Medicine
  • Marriage and Family
  • Plants and Animals
  • Politics and Government
  • Religion and Worship
  • Science and Technology

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