2022 Adventist General Conference

March 25, 2021

Adventist General Conference

June 6-11, 2022

During the session, please visit our virtual booth, participate in Scripture engagement presentations, enter for your chance to win beautiful Bibles, and get special GC deals!

About Thomas Nelson Bibles

Thomas Nelson, one of the oldest and largest Bible publishers in the world, produces Bibles that display the authority and accuracy of God’s Word. With a history reaching back over 200 years, Thomas Nelson began its work with the publication of the King James Bible. Our publishing work now extends to the ownership and commissioning of the New King James Version, along with publishing other modern language editions of the Bible.

The New King James Version has been trusted for various Adventist publishing projects, including The Andrews Study Bible by Andrews University Press, Amazing FactsPathfinder and Adventurer Bibles, and recently, The Conflict Beautiful.

Scripture Engagement Presentations

Don't miss these compelling presentations about how you can draw nearer to God through His Word from the Media Ministry seminar tracks.

Verse by Verse: How to Walk, Run, & Fly Through Scripture

Andy Nash

Whats your experience reading Scripture? Many people read their Bible in one of three ways: We touch it. We hop around in it. We crawl through it. If youd like to go even deeper in your study of Scripture, Andy Nash will share three ways to enter into Scripture inductively, verse by verse: walking, running, and flying.

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Be Transformed: How to read the Bible to Change Your Life

Elvis Mogoi

The conclusion of the sermon on the mount provides the foundation for this topic. After preaching a sermon for the ages, the Master teacher emphasized the value of hearing His words and applying them, which He equates to building on a rock. Among the things this study will focus on will include:

  • Understanding how biblical characters were transformed by the Word of God when they accepted it or rejected it.
  • Sharing principles of how to read the Bible with a focus on what God is saying today.
  • Show how to assess our lives in light of the word of God for our daily life situations.

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Higher Up, Deeper In

Gail MacKenzie

Have you had a longing to know God in a more personal way? Are you looking to have a higher and deeper more intimate experience with Jesus? God challenged Jeremiah when he was in a prison cell to call to Him, and He would show him great and unsearchable things he did not know! In this session we will discover how easy it is to call and get an answer from God! Be prepared to uncover exciting and unfathomable truths about who God is! You will not be disappointed!

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How to Engage the Bible in Your Prayer Life

Elvis Mogoi

Since the birth of Enosh, the Bible says that  “then men began to call on the name of the Lord.” This thing we call prayer has been a part of human relation with God for ages, and the Bible helps us to grow in its practice. Among the things that will be highlighted in this study include:

  • How to make the Bible a part of our prayer time
  • Understanding the approach of biblical prayers in our prayer time
  • Understanding the promises of God as part of our prayer time.

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God’s Theater of Grace

Gail MacKenzie

Imbedded in the essence of all narratives in the Bible lies one fundamental truth, GRACE!  It is inherent in who God is, which is love! Every day, on planet earth there is a controversy being played out. This war is being won and lost on many fronts as we demonstrate God’s working in our lives. At its core it is a theater where there are participants and spectators. What lines does God long to write in the script of your life? And which are you a participant or spectator?

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It’s the Scripture, Not the Speaker: How to Engage Your Congregation in God’s Word

Andy Nash

It’s the Scripture, Not the Speaker: How to Engage Your Congregation in Gods Word Pastors: When your congregation leaves church each Sabbath, are they thinking about the speaker or about the Scripture? This seminar will focusand modelhow to preach Gods Word inductively, inviting your members to enter into Scripture for themselves, Monday morning as well as Sabbath morning.

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Meet @ the Text: How to Study Scripture Together

Andy Nash

Theres so much beauty in studying the Bible together. Like looking through a prism from different angles, we each will see unique beauty in Gods Word and we are blessed when we share that beauty with each other. In their book Sitting at the Feet of Rabbi Jesus, the authors describe what a Jewish seminary is like: If you crack open the door of an Orthodox Jewish yeshiva study hall, you might expect to be greeted by utter silence. . . . Instead what will greet you is the din of multiple conversations. Pairs of students will be standing at podiums facing each other, animatedly discussing the fine points of each text. Bespectacled students will have one hand poised over an open volume while the other hand gestures wildly, the debate waxing and waning. If one student doesnt understand a passage, the other tries to explain it. Together they think of possible interpretations of the text. This gathering of students is called a havruta, and each student is studying with a haver, to master the text. . . . The word haver means someone who is willing to partner with you in grappling with the text.

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Andy Nash

Pastor Andy Nash

Georgia Cumberland Conference, Southern Union, NAD

Andy Nash is an author and columnist for the Adventist Review and Thomas Nelson Bibles. He has served as pastor in Littleton, Colorado, and is a former professor at Southern Adventist University. He loves inductive Bible study and preaching, believing that church members should leave a sermon thinking about Scripture, not the speaker. Andy also leads tours of the Holy Land. Find more about the trips here: https://www.facebook.com/TabghaTours

Pastor Elvis Mogoi

Chesapeake Conference, Columbia Union, NAD

Elvis Mogoi is a native of Kenya and fell in love with studying and sharing the Bible in the fifth grade. He served as a youth leader and children’s instructor early in life, and his ministry involved conducting seminars, speaking engagements at youth forums, and workshops. He joined the pastoral ministry in 2010 and has been serving for ten years in Wilmington, Delaware. His purpose in life is knowing more about God and making Him known to others. His goal is to support in the molding of a community that exhibits love for one another and is prepared to spend eternity with God.

Pastor Gail McKenzie

Kentucky-Tennessee Conference, Southern Union, NAD

Pastor Gail McKenzie has served over 23 years as Women’s Ministries and Prayer Director for the Kentucky-Tennessee Conference. Gail has been the featured speaker for various Women’s Retreats across the NAD and teaches How to study the Bible seminars which is one of her deepest passions! Most recently she published her first Bible Study, Higher Up/Deeper In, designed to teach how to dig deeper into God’s Word! As a 7-year breast cancer survivor, she cherishes each new day as a gift! Her, greatest desire is for women and men everywhere to experience who Jesus is, how much He loves them, and who they are in Christ! Her salutation is always, At His feet! “There is no other place I would rather be!”