Abide Bible – Day 9 in The Gospel of John

January 28, 2021
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Day 9

Throughout the Gospel of John, we find individuals who move from spiritual blindness to belief in the Son of Man. This is in line with John’s use of “light and darkness,” “sight and blindness,” and “day and night.” Jesus is the light, as John 1 states; therefore, darkness is an indication of lack of faith.

In John 9, we read about a man who is literally blind and later comes to believe in Jesus. His story sits side-by-side with religious leaders who are, ironically, spiritually blind and remain so.

In today’s video, we will walk through this story by praying it, asking God to clear our own vision of spiritual blindness.

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5 replies on “Abide Bible – Day 9 in The Gospel of John”

So strange to think people then and now still do not know Jesus for who He is and what He does. Sad that there are still people who are spiritually blind.

As a pastor, it is difficult to not become judgmental toward people that refuse to see. In this study of chapter 9, GOD has pricked my heart on this, a great weakness in my life.

It’s even sadder when people hear the Word but then reject it- this gave me great insight into the question- how do we know we’re not blind- I continue to pray that God will keep me in His strength of knowledge & wisdom – not let me become blind to Him- I love these video – it gives me more info in how to use this bible- that I hope to get

Jesus met the man’s physical need, and that helped the man to see Jesus as the son of God. Sometimes answered prayer is the miracle that leads to salvation. I want to continue to read and learn God’s Word, and the questions and suggestions offered in the abide bible spur a lot of new thought for me. They are clearing away mental blindness-lack of thought/knowledge, as well as opening me to hidden sins in my life. thank you

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