Abide Bible – Day 5 in The Gospel of John

January 28, 2021
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Day 5

As kids, we all engaged with our imagination on a daily basis. As we’ve grown older, our imagination muscles may have atrophied due to the strains and stresses of life.

But God gave us imaginations as much as He gave us logic, reason, and practicality.

In today’s video, Phil Collins guides us to use our God-given imaginations so that we can encounter God. By placing ourselves within the stories of Scripture – using our five senses – we begin to empathize with the people of the Bible, we understand their events in a more experiential way. Rather than viewing facts from afar, we come up close and connect on a deeper level to God’s Word.

How did today’s devotion impact you?

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11 replies on “Abide Bible – Day 5 in The Gospel of John”

I enjoyed the picture it segment. Really uplifting to put myself in the midst of the people and location.
Reading these words in what may have been some stern way about being questioned about Jesus work.

This picture it part of the Bible gave me a better understanding of what was going on at the pool of Bethseda. It made me realize to slown down in my reading and reflect what’s really going on. What a wonderful tool.

When Jesus shows up, awesomeness occurs. I cannot remember a time when disappointment reigned in the presence of Jesus. It is far deeper than imagination when Jesus is felt. thank you for this lesson.

Wow! When Phil asked me what I would think when I saw the man get up and start rolling up his mat, my reaction was immediate: “I guess he was lying about being lame all that time.” And this was after picturing his severely damaged legs when Phil asked me to picture the man’s infirmity. When I had read the passage, I thought the person next to me talking about the Sabbath was simply out of his mind; hadn’t we just witnessed a miracle? But when Phil walked me through it, that man seemed to me to have found a savvy way to turn the screws on a charlatan. Lord, thank You for showing me my deep lack of faith that would rather see evil in my brother than power in You. And thank You for teaching me how to engage with scripture to get the correction I need.

I love your honesty – I think society today has us conditioned to think exactly this way – most of us would think he was ‘faking it’…Praise Jesus that He recognises us in Spirit and in Truth and doesn’t just pass us by, brushing us off as charlatans…

With my imagination, I sometimes envision the scene as if watching a movie. I had never thought of imagining myself actually in the scene. I will have to try that technique. Thank you for that idea.

This was a hard one for me as I am totally aphantasic and unable to imagine pictures or sounds or smells in my imagination, so entering into the experience is beyond me.
However, I have learnt to use knowledge to be able to know what sounds and smells might be there, but only from an intellectual viewpoint.

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