Abide Bible – Day 21 in The Gospel of John

January 28, 2021
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Day 21

In our final devotion from 21 Days in John, we take time to ponder and picture the scene in John 21:1-14.

In this section brimming with symbolism, Jesus appears to 7 disciples on the banks of the Sea of Tiberias.

These disciples, called to be fishers of men, are working in the dark without results. Only by listening to Jesus’ guidance on where to cast their nets are these men successful with their catch. This episode symbolizes the mission of the Church – to be fishers of men and women. As Jesus said earlier, “He who abides in Me, and I in him, bears much fruit; for without Me you can do nothing” (15:5, NKJV).

The second symbolic event is the fellowship with Jesus. Once on shore, Jesus cooks the 7 men a meal. This gesture is more than feeding hungry fishermen; rather, this is a time where Jesus provides for them, physically and spiritually. Likewise, it is only through Jesus’ feeding and fellowship are we, the Church, able to go out into the world and fish.

Thank you for spending the past 21 days in the Gospel of John with Dr. Phil Collins. For more information on the Abide Bible or the Abide Bible Journals, then follow the links at the bottom of the page. God bless!

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22 replies on “Abide Bible – Day 21 in The Gospel of John”

I throughly enjoyed and received such a blessing following Dr Collin’s 21 Days in the Gospel of John. Does or will he have the same process for the book of Revelation we can listen to?

There is a freshness in this study I have never heard this teaching before. It helps me see the Word of God in a new and real way. Thank you Dr Collins. The bless you and keep you

Thank you for teaching me to study the Bible in a completely different way. This study was outstanding and truly drew me in spiritually. God bless Dr. Collins for leading such an amazing study.

The 21 Day study in the book of John was excellent and very rewarding! I’m so glad I made the time to meet the Lord through these new methods of studying the Bible. Picturing, contemplating, journaling and meditating on God’s Word helped me tremendously. I experienced God in a way like never before. Thank you Dr. Collins. May God continue to bless you!

Thank you so much for walking me through this. It has given me a way to read and better understand the Bible and God’s word. Much more meaningful to me and I can apply this to other books of the Bible.

This 21 day study is very moving. Yes it is engaging. I found myself laughing and crying as I went through it. Thank you all for this fabulous teaching and learning resource.

I so enjoyed the 21 days of the abide bible series in John. Thank you so much Dr. Collins. I grew so much through this meditation and reflection process. I especially enjoyed the journaling and praying scripture methods. May God continue to bless you!

21 days in the book of John was an amazing journey for me. I love the Abide Bible and how it allows you to engage and experience scripture. It also helped me to pray more. I do not own a copy of the Abide Bible but would love too.

I have absolutely loved … loved … loved this study of the Gospel of John, and have learnt so much by using the methods of Scripture Engagement you suggested. Thank you for your faith, encouragement and time, may the Lord bless you and those you love greatly. Shalom! Gail

This has been a God anointed and powerful Bible Study. Thank you so much for taking the time to bring it to the body of Christ. It has put the spotlight on Abba and His Son and brought them the glory that they deserve. It has been a wonderful way to re-experience the Holy Scriptures in a fresh new way. Blessings to you all…

I am grateful for this series it really help me put myself in the word and try to connect with God on different levels. God bless you all for this

Thank you so much! This was wonderful! I’m saving my money for a new Abide Bible! I love the new ways to experience God in the scriptures! So good! Thank you again!

This study has been amazing! I’m such an active learner, so for me to just sit and read scripture and try to understand it can be very difficult. The contemplate, journal, and picture it activities were so powerful, but the experiencing through art was my favorite (and I wouldn’t consider myself an art lover so this surprised me!). Truly fantastic. Where do you recommend we go after John?

I do truly in joyed these 21 days in the book of John using the Abide Bible. I wish it would go on with other books of the Bible. I went and purchased the Abide Bible.

Thank you for a very engaging study on the book of John. John’s gospel is one of my favorite books of the Bible, and this study gave me some new insights. Dr. Col!ins did a nice job and seems very sincere and genuine in his faith. If there was one thing I might have changed, it was that the music was a little too loud

During my journey with Christ l have read the bible but never experienced it like the 21 days in John. It has given me a total new perspective of how to get more personally involved by actually going back in time and placing myself in scripture itself. I also have had the benefit of physically visiting the places discussed in John which makes it even more realistic. Thanks for sharing and caring it would be great if this could continue taking various books of the New Testament. Appreciate the work that went into the 21 days with John.

Thank you Lord for the grace to study the book of John for this 21day, I am indeed inspired on how to engage scripture in different ways, I appreciate Dr Collins for a nice work

I, Thank you for the 21 days of Abide Bible led by Dr. Phil Collin’s. I’ve learned and most importantly moved my faith closer to God.

Thank you for leading me
Through the book of
John. I value the moments involving
Thought provoking questions and urges to stop at that moment and be quiet to hear Jesus voice

This has been a wonderful study in the 21 day book of John.I have learned how to study the Bible Break it down and become much closer to God . It would be a blessing to have more books of the Bible like this study. Thank you

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