Abide Bible – Day 17 in The Gospel of John

January 28, 2021
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Day 17

Have you ever found yourself reading a passage of Scripture but your lack of slowing down and letting that passage wash over you makes you forget what you just read? Then you must start all over, concentrating twice as hard as before. Frustrating, right?!

Thomas Manton, an English Puritan clergyman in the 17th century, said that meditation is an important key to keeping us alert as we read the Bible. To read the Scriptures and not meditate on what you read is, as Manton says, “like putting a thing into a bag with holes.”

Make sure your bag – i.e., your mind – doesn’t have any holes as you slow down and meditate on God’s Word from John 17.

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4 replies on “Abide Bible – Day 17 in The Gospel of John”

It is most comforting knowing that some 1988 years ago, Jesus prayed for me. Not only me but my wife, my children, and my grandchildren. He prayed for all those that I witness to. Thank you, GOD, for your care and love for the world, even those who would reject you.

It is awesome to think that the God of the universe, the Creator of heaven and earth desires for us to be with Him even as he was in Jesus and Jesus was in His disciples. Jesus prayer was that we also might be in Him even as He is in us.

Today it stood out to me again: The one we worship was here in person. God was here in person! It thrills me to think that he wanted us to see him and know him so much that he came and showed us the true picture. I feel loved and secure.

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