Abide 21 Days in John – Day 1

November 10, 2020
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Day 1

Welcome to Abide: 21 Days in John

Each day, for the next 21 days, you will learn how to get more from your time in the Bible by spending about 15 minutes on one chapter. Along the way, the various time-tested approaches will shape not just how you read the Bible, but also how you live in response to it.

After Jesus washed His disciples’ feet, He told them, “Abide in Me, and I in you. As the branch cannot bear fruit of itself, unless it abides in the vine, neither can you, unless you abide in Me. I am the vine, you are the branches . . . As the Father loved Me, I also have loved you; abide in My love” (John 15:4-5, 9, NKJV). These same words ring true to all of His followers now. We dwell with Christ the way a branch dwells on a vine, in a life-sustaining connection. The vine gives the branch all it needs to live and bear fruit.

One of the ways we can dwell in Jesus is to abide in God’s Word. Many of us are familiar with Bible study as a foundational aspect of the Christian life. But have you ever engaged with God’s Word on a deeper level – not just for knowledge but to experience it anew? Where you don’t skim the text but slow down and let it wash over you, soaking into your mind and heart?

In today’s lesson, you will read the passage in John’s Gospel where Jesus invites potential followers to “come and see” (1:39, NKJV). Using the ancient practice of contemplation, Dr. Phil Collins, your guide for the next 21 days, encourages you to slow down and absorb this story.

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75 replies on “Abide 21 Days in John – Day 1”

I spent numerous years reading the bible but I never used this method that will help to fully engage the scriptures’ like this. I would sometime get lost in what I was trying to study, (kind of like getting lost in a forest without a compos). I truly am excited about going through the book of John and applying what I learned to any of the other books of the bible.

I am so excited to have found the Abide Bible and have ordered one. Today’s study was so refreshing and I look forward to delving into the Scriptures this way. Thank you!

Dry interesting love it but is there a way to buy this Bible nkjv of abide I thank you for sending the invitation to me

I thoroughly appreciate finding the Abide Bible! I feel Jesus calls us to move forward in our relationship with Him. Today I am blessed to move forward with Him with a better understanding of reading, meditating, praying and contemplating in that I may know and love God AND know and love others better each day.

Thank you so much for this. That’s all I can really say.

I don’t know how to Bible Study. I don’t know how anything really besides reading random verses and the usual prayer. This resource made contemplating the Word of God not only simple and concise but fun.

Looking forward to Day Two.

Thanks for this learning session and time spent. I am still struggling to make an habit to read and study the Bible and I do believe this will help a lot.
Thank you

This was a great study time and video. Just long enough and made me feel like my teacher was right there with me in the room teaching me personally great truths to dig into the Word. It was so easy to access and download the Book of John. Thank you!

Thank you! This has opened avenues for Bible study which I have not been aware of – and how inspirational and enlightening they are. It is opening up a way of study and meditation which has already been such a blessing

Thank you for this study. It calls and causes us to dwell in the Word. John was my book that helped me fall in love with Jesus many years ago. This study revives that deep awe and beauty of my Savior.

Love this format, excellent leader in Dr. Collins, impactful study time. Thank You for offering this top-notch material for free!

I have been struggling with having a relationship with Jesus as I did not know how to truthfully, wholeheartedly invite him but I see after this that He is actually inviting me to be one with Him and I am excited about this journey I am taking with Him

I truly enjoyed this session. It was a real eye-opener for me on how to meditate on scripture and to allow the Holy Spirit to lead me into areas of my life that He wants to bring into focus. Thank you so much for introducing me to this new approach to not just engaging scriptures but engaging God. Looking forward to Day 2

Thank you for this Bible study on the Book of John. I am new in Christ and was guided to start reading the word beginning with John. I pray for us all who found this site to be Transformed by the Renewing of Our Minds in Christ Jesus. Amen.

I feel like I am doing better at thinking (pondering) about what I’m reading in the moment, but I also feel like I don’t retain what I read for very long, so I am hoping this helps me with that & John is my favorite Gospel so I’m looking forward to the next 20 days. Thank you.

Just this morning my daily devotion based on Romans 6:13 (Offer yourselves to God as those who have been brought from death to life), reminded me that the Man who loved me enough to die for me could be absolutely trusted with the total concerns of the life He had saved. Day 1 reminds me that He has invited me to come and see Him, to know Him and to abide in Him. Knowing Him more deepens that trust, and ultimately leads to a deeper surrender of my will for His.

This process of contemplation is very enriching to the body soul and mind. This gave me anew perspective in my life in this new year. Meditation of the word of God is powerful and its long lasting. Thank you brother for standing in the gap for me to teach me the word of God in this way

I love to read the word of God and am thankful to find the 21 day reading and taking time to understand what Jesus is showing us in his word thought it was good and inlighting

I am truly blessed to be part of this study group. I love that God helps me find when he sees me in trouble
he reminds me to come, see, and remain with him. He is the true vine, and we are the branches…

This was so refreshing. Going through 21 days of fasting and this is an amazing study guide to come and see (behold , experience and encounter) the Lord.

A very good way of looking at scriptures by allowing what stands out to minister to you. I want to “come and see” so that I remain (abide) in Him.

Today’s devotional helped me to see that Jesus is exactly who and what he says he is . That he is real and he wants me to know him so he can change me and teach me.

I love this session – so soothing and peaceful. Food for my soul. Jesus asked me to “Come and see” Him at a deeper level. To seek Him and in His presence I found peace.

I’ve been a Christian for a long time and I never was taught how to read and study the scripture this way.
I’m so excited about this Bible study. Praise Jesus, it’s so refreshing!

I have desired to have a deeper understanding of God’s word, and this is a great start….am inspired to do much more.
Thank you for providing such a forum

I have always read the Bible as a history book, always ending in trying to find deeper meaning. This is very helpful for me.

I’m excited to delve into this Abide bible. I watched day one of the study of the book of John and I’m amazed at how much more I got out of the words in the bible by actually engaging in scripture. Thanks for this new way of bible study.

I’ve read little to understand the back ground of how God’s word was writen and made for to grasp his concept and live it , it’s amazing and most of all to experience God’s ❤ and word come alive in me it’s fascinating.
I pray , go to church, never really spend time reading God’s word. I want to know and and spend time understanding God’s word for my life.

thank you for giving me another way to look at the Bible especially the Gospel of John, one of my favorite books. This way helps me to slow down and take in the meaning that John is showing us on a different level.

I’m deeply moved with just how easy it is to love and follow and understand the bible passage using this method. thank you

It shows me another way to learn more about Jesus’ love for His people and how He is always there for us, I have been looking for new ways to learn more about Jesus and to understand what I read. I will have to get myself an abide Bible as soon as I can afford one for us it looks like a better way to connect with Jesus. I’m looking forward to the rest of these lessons.

I’ve read John and studied him but I think this is going to be more profound for me I’m excited about it and today’s reading was great

I enjoyed learning a new way to help my relationship with
God grow even stronger as well as my love awesome teaching and it was very helpful

I’ve been struggling with how to read and internalize the word of God, but this method is interesting and I’m excited to try it to get a better understanding of His word.

Quite an intimacy. Abide bible just amazingly eye opener. So interactive, educative and interesting. More blessings

I loved it, I’m a new Christian and just hungry for the words of Jesus and God. Thank you for sharing this.
Thank you for helping me.

I stumbled across this today. Seems the Lord knew I needed this cause I truly feel the same. Thanks for making this possible can’t wait for what is in store for tomorrow’s lesson

If Jesus today says to me, “Come and see.” after I ask where he’s staying, he would be inviting me to his throne in glory where he rules the universe and prays for me 24/7. Breathtaking. Simply breathtaking!!

We’ll send an email to you each day with a link to Dr. Collins’ teaching on each chapter all the way through the book.

Thank you for the orderly way that you laid out the Bible studying on John,it really makes it easy and understandable

I think about the gospel song “remind me dear Lord” As I listened to the teacher my mind recalled the work God has done in my life. So often, in life, I forget who Christ is.

Thank you for sharing how these four steps are used to study God’s Word. I so enjoyed my first session and will continue on the next twenty days.

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