TYBK Noah’s Flood

January 29, 2024

How many days and nights did it rain during Noah’s flood?

Correct! As we are told in the story of Noah’s flood found in Genesis chapter 6, it rained for 40 days and 40 nights. 

Read more about this story in Genesis chapter 6

Here is some commentary about what happened next from The NKJV Study Bible

“The faint rainbow that appears after a summer thunderstorm symbolizes God’s mercy, His compassion on all. Moreover, it is a sign of God’s covenant, His binding agreement with all humanity to never destroy the earth with a flood. 

God initiated this covenant under the worst circumstances: “The earth was filled with violence” (Genesis 6:11-13). Even though humanity’s decline into evil greatly troubled God, He favored one man, Noah. He determined to save Noah and his family from His coming judgment and establish His covenant with them.

Although Noah was surrounded by violence and all kinds of evil, Noah walked with God by seeking to obey Him. Noah’s simple obedience is recorded five times in this story. God called this obedient man to build an ark. With this large boat, God saved Noah from the cleansing waters of the flood. With the past evils and sins washed away from the earth, Noah and his family could start anew. God not only gave them a fresh start; He also gave them an unconditional promise or covenant. He promised not to destroy the earth with a flood no matter how evil Noah’s descendants got. Indeed, He promised that until the end of the earth, there would be the seasons of plating and harvest and the day and night. God unilaterally promised to uphold the rhythms of the earth in order to sustain human life – even though humans had rebelled against Him, their Creator.

Today, all of us  – Noah’s children – should remember God’s mercy to us when we see the beauty of the rainbow.”


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