Test Your Bible Knowledge September 2023

January 10, 2023

What was the first plague God sent on Egypt?  

That’s right! In the account of the plagues in Exodus 7:14-24, we see that the first plague sent on Egypt was turning the water of the Nile River into blood.

Read more about the plagues in Exodus 7-8.

The Lucado Encouraging Word Bible offers this insight on the plagues from Max Lucado:

“The Lord assured Moses that he would punish Egypt terribly and bring the Israelites out of the land in order to prove that he was the Lord. Although Moses thought he could not persuade Pharaoh, he saw that with God, nothing is impossible.

After the plague of flies, Pharaoh suggested two compromises. The Israelites could sacrifice to their God in Egypt, but not in the desert. And they could sacrifice – but only a short distance into the wilderness. Both were unacceptable, and Moses refused to compromise and make a deal with Pharaoh.

Have you ever found yourself adjusting your beliefs to go along with the world’s values, “making deals” with God? The Lord wants our obedience above everything else. And He is with us, right in the middle of it all.”

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