Test Your Bible Knowledge: Question Two

November 9, 2021

Where did Jesus walk on water?

Correct! In Mark 6:45-52, we are told a story of Jesus walking on the Sea of Galilee after feeding the 5,000.

Read more about this story in Mark 6.

Here is what Dr. Warren Weirsbe has to say about that incident in The Wiersbe Study Bible:

“Jesus sent His disciples ahead of Him. He wanted to teach them a lesson on faith that would help prepare them for the work that lay ahead of them after He was gone. The disciples had just completed a very successful mission, healing the sick and preaching the gospel. They had shared in the miraculous feeding of five thousand people. Perhaps later while they were in prison, the apostles recalled the storm that followed the feeding of the five thousand, and they may have been encouraged with the assurance that Jesus would come to them and see them through.

The disciples had failed their test because they lacked spiritual insight and receptive hearts. The miracle of the loaves and fishes had made no lasting impression on them. After all, if Jesus could multiply food and feed thousands of people, then surely He could protect them in the storm. Even a disciple of Jesus Christ can develop a hard heart if he fails to respond to the spiritual lessons that must be learned in the course of life and ministry.”

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