Test Your Bible Knowledge Question Four

November 9, 2021

What disaster did Joseph predict from Pharaoh’s dream?

Correct! In Genesis 41, we see that Joseph interpreted Pharaoh’s dream about seven cows to predict a severe, seven-year famine.

Read more about this story in Genesis 41.

John MacArthur commented on this story in the MacArthur Study Bible:

“The combined expertise of a full council of Pharaoh’s advisers and dream experts, all of whom had been summoned into his presence, failed to provide an interpretation of the two disturbing dreams. Without knowing it, they had just set the stage for Joseph’s entrance on the scene of Egyptian history. 

Deprecating any innate ability, Joseph advised at the very outset that the answer Pharaoh desired could only come from God. Joseph’s interpretation kept the focus fixed upon what God had determined for Egypt. 

After interpreting the dream, Joseph told Pharaoh how to survive the next 14 years. Incongruously, Joseph, a slave and a prisoner, appended to the interpretations a long-term strategy for establishing reserves to meet the future need, and included advice on the quality of the man to head up the project. Famines had ravaged Egypt before, but this time divine warning permitted serious and sustained advance planning.”

NKJV MacArthur Study Bible

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