Test Your Bible Knowledge: Question Five

November 9, 2021

How many arrows did Jonathan shoot to warn David about Saul?

Correct! As we are told in 1 Samuel 20:20-21, Jonathan fired three arrows to warn David that Saul was trying to kill him.

Read more about this story in 1 Samuel 20.

More commentary about Bible times and cultures from The NKJV Study Bible

“Bows were the most characteristic weapons of warfare in the OT period, serving often as the decisive element in a battle. Simple bows, composed of a piece of wood and string, did not have much power or range, so the composite bow was developed early in the history fo the Middle East. The composite bow was a combination of wood and animal horn. This combination of materials provided the bow with the flexibility and strength needed for effective combat.

The bow was usually the first weapon fired in an open-field battle because the archers of the hostile armies could send arrows long distances. When attacking a city, the attackers of the attacking army would try to pick defenders off the walls. Archers of the defending city would use their bows to try to keep the army from getting close enough to break down the city’s defenses. ”

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