Test Your Bible Knowledge: Question Eleven

November 11, 2021

How many brothers of Jesus are named in the New Testament?

Yep! In Mark 6:3, we see four brothers of Jesus named by the crowd, James, Judas, Joses, and Simon.

Actually, two of the books of the New Testament are believed to have been written by Jesus’ brothers, James and Jude.

Here is what John MacArthur has to say about the book of James:

“Of the four men named James in the New Testament, only two are candidates for authorship of this epistle. Some have suggested James the son of Zebedee and brother of John, but he was martyred too early to have written it. That leaves only James, the oldest half-brother of Jesus and brother of Jude, who also wrote the epistle that bears his name.

James had at first rejected Jesus as Messiah, but later believed. He became the key leader in the Jerusalem church, being called one of the “pillars” of that church, along with Peter and John. Also known as James the Just because of his devotion to righteousness, he was martyred ca A.D. 62, according to the first century Jewish historian Josephus.

Comparing James’ vocabulary in the letter he wrote which is recorded in Acts 15 with that in the epistle of James further corroborates his authorship.

James with the authority of one who had personally seen the resurrected Christ, who was recognized as an associate of the apostles, and who was the leader of the Jerusalem church.”

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