Test Your Bible Knowledge November 2023

January 17, 2023

In the New Jerusalem described in the book of Revelation, what are the twelve gates made from?

Correct! In Revelation 21, we read a description of the New Jerusalem. In that description, we see that the twelve gates are made from twelve individual pearls. 

Read this description in Revelation 21.

Here is some commentary from the Woman’s Study Bible about the New Heaven and Earth we can hope for:

“Everyone has experienced sorrow. It is a fact of life. The Bible has numerous accounts of people who experienced sorrow at some point in their lives. Jacob was sorrowful over the loss of his wife, Rachel, and over his helplessness to save his son Joseph. Hannah was full of sorrow because of her barrenness, and Tamar wept bitterly over the tragedy of being raped by her own half-brother. Queen Esther was heavyhearted and shed tears of sorrow because of the proposed destruction of her people. The psalmist experienced sorrow during oppression and times of trouble. Even wisdom brings the sorrow of knowing that all of life is not joyous. Finally, perhaps the ultimate sorrow for a woman was that endured by Mary, the mother of the Lord, as she watched the cruel torture and execution of her Son.

Scripture speaks of a goldy sorrow that leads to repentance and to life as opposed to a worldly sorrow that leads to death. Yet God spares His children sorrow upon sorrow – in other words, sorrow with no hope of joy. A time is coming when sorrow will end. You can look forward to a new heaven and a new earth where mourning will turn to gladness and comfort into joy.”

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