TYBK January 2023 – Correct Answer

January 10, 2023

Who were the first two apostles called by Jesus to follow Him?

That’s right! As we’re told in Matthew 4:18-22, the two brothers Simon, called Peter, and Andrew were fishing when Jesus called them to drop everything and follow Him.

Read this story in Matthew 4:18-22.

Here is what the King James Study Bible has to say about this passage:

“Simon called Peter, and Andrew became the first two disciples called publicly by Jesus. Andrew had introduced his brother to Jesus on an earlier occasion (John 1:40). The invitation, follow me, called these earlier believers into a permanent ministry to be shared with Christ. I will make you fishers of men clearly indicates the nature of this ministry. They would receive special training in bringing men into the kingdom. Having left their nets, these disciples entered into a new relationship and would never again be able to fully return to the occupation they once held so dear.

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