Test Your Bible Knowledge April 2023

January 10, 2023

Who was the mother of Samuel?

Correct! In the first chapter of 1 Samuel, we can read about the story of Hannah’s faithfulness to God as she asks God for a son and then dedicates Samuel to the ministry of the Lord

Read more about Hannah’s story in 1 Samuel.

The Charles F. Stanley Life Principles Bible offers this helpful comment on Hannah:

“Hannah is an excellent biblical example of asking in faith. She had married a man named Elkanah – and so had someone else. Through the years, Elkanah’s second wife, Peninnah, bore several sons and daughters to him, while Hannah remained barren. Hannah longed for a baby of her own.

Finally, one year, Hannah went to the doorway of the tabernacle and wept and prayed to the Lord in great anguish, asking for a son and vowing to give him to the Lord. The Lord heard Hannah’s request and answered it. Nine months later she bore a son named Samuel, who grew up to become the prophet and judge of all Israel.

Would Samuel have been born if Hannah had not asked God to give her a son? The Bible seems to answer no. Samuel appeared on the scene in direct response to Hannah’s heartfelt request.”

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