When Jesus spoke parables, when David composed songs, when Paul wrote letters, they did so to communicate God’s love for the world. That divine affection is written on every page of the Bible, offering hope to readers in times of joy and sorrow alike.

With the Deluxe NKJV Reader’s Bible, you’ll get caught up in the Bible anew as history, poetry, and prophecy come to life on pages designed to read like a good book.


The Smallest Details

Discover how the shape of a q can change the way you read.


Refinement on Every Page

The best page design is the one you hardly notice.


Follow the Flow

Every book of the Bible is formatted for understanding.


The Whole Package

It looks great on your shelf and feels great in your hand.

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Three Beautiful Editions

Blue Cloth Over Board
Yellow/Gray Cloth Over Board
Black LeatherSoft™

Enjoy God’s Beautiful Word

Modern Bible readers are accustomed to finding the pages of their Bibles filled with tools to aid their study. Such resources include in-text chapter and verse markers, cross-references, translators’ notes, expository articles, charts, maps, illustrations, and photographs. While these features can help readers unpack the meaning of a phrase, discover a passage’s historical background, or locate a book’s place within the canon of Scripture, they can also draw attention away from the most important element in any Bible: the text of God’s Word.

The NKJV Deluxe Reader’s Bible is designed specifically for reading. It puts as little between the reader and the biblical text as possible. To minimize potential distractions, chapter and periodic verse markers have been placed in the margins rather than within the text block; line matching has been employed to eliminate virtually all ghosting; the text has been set in our custom Thomas Nelson NKJV typeface to improve readability; and translators’ notes have been removed. The result is an unfettered reading experience we believe you’ll want to return to again and again.