NET Bible, Journal Edition

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NET Bible, Journal Edition

Savor your time in God’s Word.

The NET Bible, Journal Edition equips you to do just that – savor instead of skim the Word of God. With its extra-wide lined margins and thick paper, this Bible is perfect for journaling your reactions and insights, writing your prayers, listing your questions, and more.

Featuring the New English Translation (NET) – the newest translation of the biblical languages into English, based on the most up-to-date manuscript discoveries and research – the NET Bible, Journal Edition is the perfect choice for anyone who puts pen to paper to engage more deeply with Scripture.

Red Letter:No Text Size: 8.75 | medium Size Chart Sewn Binding: Yes

The The NET Bible, Journal Edition equips you to put more into your time with the Bible.

Generous Lined Margins. Extra-wide margins and thick paper make this ideal for notetaking and creative journaling.

Trustworthy Translation. The NET was produced by a team of the world’s leading biblical scholars working from the best available manuscripts. The unparalleled set of more than 60,000 translators’ notes (free available at documents every major translation decision.

Elegantly Designed. Line-matched 8-3/4 point print size in Thomas Nelson’s NET Comfort Print typeface enhance your experience in God’s word.


Lined, wide margins

Take notes and reflect during your study of Scripture with generous lined margin on every page.


5.0 out of 5 stars

Very Happy
I love a Journaling Bible! I have a NET Bible with full notes and while I love it for studying and clarification, it isn't the best for reading. This edition is perfect for reading and adding your own notes and I appreciate that.