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December 1, 2020
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Build Your Life on God’s Word

The best way to love God greatly is to study His Word and know His character. That’s why the Love God Greatly Bibles for women and young women were created—to help women dive deep into His Word and connect them to a global community of women all striving to love Him with their lives.

Join us in praying for women around the world

Prayer is one of the most important practices in our faith. Join us in investing a few minutes daily in prayer women around the world.

What’s Inside the
Love God Greatly Bible?

All 66 books of the Bible feature an extensive introduction to give you additional context to the scripture, followed by a reading plan that uses a simple, proven framework—Scripture, Observation, Application, and Prayer—to guide you through the text. Additional reflection and challenge questions are provided to go deeper into particular passages. Finally, the Love God Greatly Bible was created with wide margins for taking you to take notes and further personalize your Bible.

  • Proven and accessible SOAP Bible Study method
  • 50 new reading plans
  • 66 testimonies of women from around the world
  • 66 hand drawn memory verses
  • Over 160 devotions
  • 66 book introductions
  • Reflection questions and challenges
  • 8 custom designed maps

What’s Inside the
Young Women Love God Greatly Bible?

The Young Women Love God Greatly Bible uses the proven SOAP Bible study framework to create the path for daily, personal interaction with the Bible and the God who loves you. Combined with devotions, profiles of biblical and historical women, personal testimonies from women around the world, and mentor letters to guide you through life’s challenges and questions, this Bible offers a community-like experience to grow in your faith and navigate life through the truth of God’s Word.

  • Proven and accessible SOAP Bible Study method
  • 50 reading plans
  • 10 topical reading plans
  • 25 profiles of heroes from Scripture
  • 25 profiles of Christian heroes from history
  • 25 letters from a mentor offering encouragement and guidance
  • 66 testimonies of women from around the world
  • 66 hand drawn memory verses
  • 100 devotions
  • 66 book introductions
  • Reflection questions and challenges
  • 10 custom designed map
  • 10 detailed timelines displaying key events from Scripture

See God’s Heart for You—and the World

Engage with God’s Word like never before by learning the SOAP Method, a simple but powerful way to connect with God through Scripture.

Using the SOAP Bible Study method—Scripture, Observation, Application, Prayer—Love God Greatly has helped women all over the world hold tight to God’s Word and find direction and answers for life’s challenges. To discover greater insights, deeper engagement, and heartfelt intimacy every day.

It’s simpler than you think to experience this—and to see God’s heart for you on every page of Scripture.

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What Are Women Saying about the Love God Greatly Bible?

This women’s Bible has it all. It has instructions on how to study (SOAP), beautiful graphic memory verses, maps, women’s testimonies, Bible study plans, devotionals, and so much more.

Patty, Amazon Review

I love all of the Love God Greatly studies so I was very excited to see that they had published a Bible. The chapter introductions, study guide, devotionals, and reading plans are all wonderful. The font is easy to read and I love the features of women around the world. I’m so happy I purchased this Bible and I got a second for a friend who is enjoying it as well.

Jessica Rector, Amazon Review

Perfect bible for what I was looking for. It includes devotionals and is easy to understand and read. It was worth the price, good for beginner readers as well as those extremely familiar with the word. I love, love, love it!!

Amber, Amazon Review

About Love God Greatly

Founded in 2010 by Angela Perritt, Love God Greatly is a global ministry dedicated to providing women access to resources and community around the Bible. The Bible studies are available in over 30 languages and 100 countries. 100% of all ministry profits go directly toward the urgent need of providing Bible studies to women around the world in their native languages at no cost.

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