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Unleash the Power of Worship in Your Life

Sep 10, 2018 |

When it comes to worship, reading the Bible—especially the Psalms—is like watching a highlight reel of Michael Jordan playing basketball or Serena Williams playing tennis. You’re seeing the best of the best at the top of their game. If you want a glimpse of what worship can be—if you want to learn how to unleash

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John Maxwell Leadership Bible

Listen with Your Heart: Godly Leadership, Part 1

Leaders will, at one point or another, face conflict. It doesn’t matter where you lead —at home, at church, at the office —the very nature of taking a stand and forging a path puts you in the line of fire. Even so, living in harmony with the brethren is a clear command in Scripture – Romans

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who wrote the book of joshua

Who Wrote the Book of Joshua?

Aug 28, 2018 |

Have you ever wondered who wrote specific books in the Bible?  One of the most popular characters in the Bible is Joshua – Moses’ personal aide and military commander. Most people can recall a few stories about Joshua (remember the battle of Jericho?), but less are confident they know the author of the actual book

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Unlocking the Bible’s Strategy for Anxiety-Free Living

After Moses died, the task of leading the Hebrew people into the Promised Land fell to Joshua. It was an enormous responsibility, one that likely caused Joshua more than a little anxiety. Recognizing that, the Lord offered words of encouragement to reassure the rookie leader. In those words we find clues as to how God

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Empathy Bible Passages Doubt God Verses New King James sympathize rejoice

4 Bible Passages That Leave No Doubt About the Importance of Empathy

Empathy is woven deep into the fabric of Scripture. Virtually every instruction God offers regarding the way we’re to treat others begins with empathy. As we live in community, and seek to reflect Christ, it’s important that we continue to read the Bible and listen to the biblical definition of empathy. Here are four examples.

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Learn the Bible Understand the Bible

30 Days to Understanding the Bible: Unlock the Scriptures in 15 Minutes a Day

Aug 2, 2018 |

Have you ever thought, “WOW! It’s way too complicated to learn the Bible. I simply don’t have the time to study, learn, and understand the Scriptures!” Well,  there IS a solution… And it only takes 15 minutes a day,  for one month! It’s the book 30 Days to Understanding the Bible. With a format that’s easy-to-follow, regardless of

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trust God

66 Reasons to Trust God

Let’s be honest. It can be hard to trust God when life becomes chaotic.  Maybe that’s where you are and you could use a gentle reminder of God’s faithfulness. If so, we have good news for you. God’s given us many examples of His trustworthiness in the Scriptures. Just open your Bible to any book

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Thomas Nelson’s NKJV Comfort Print®: Reflecting on the Literary Beauty of the New King James Version

Jul 16, 2018 |

Every Thomas Nelson NKJV Comfort Print® Bible features the custom Thomas Nelson NKJV Comfort Print Typeface. In order to tell the story of the new Thomas Nelson NKJV Comfort Print Typeface, we have to look first at the NKJV itself as a translation. The challenge we set for ourselves was to create a typeface that

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God loves us

How Do We Know God Loves Us?

Jul 16, 2018 |

The seeds of doubt were planted in the Garden of Eden. The serpent began his temptation of Eve with four devastating words: Has God indeed said …? He spoke the words with one purpose in mind: to separate us from God’s love. The words triggered feelings of uncertainty and confusion in Eve. They continue to

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Why Christ’s Resurrection Should Matter to You

There are a lot of questions about the resurrection of Jesus Christ in today’s culture.  Did it really happen?  When did it happen?  How did it happen?  Perhaps the most important question people should be asking is, “why does the resurrection matter to you and me?” Josh and Sean McDowell look to answer many of

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