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5 Life-Changing Bibles from 5 Beloved Pastors

What better way to show your pastor some love than by bringing in a fellow laborer—a colleague, a veteran, a friend—who can walk with them through incisive Bible study. These Bibles, shepherded by some of the country’s most trusted pastors, offer unique perspectives into the precious Word of God.

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A Parent’s Love

Oct 18, 2019 |

In September 2017 a Massachusetts woman, Michelle Carter, was sentenced to 15 months in jail after being convicted of the involuntary manslaughter of her boyfriend, Conrad Roy. Michelle had sent Conrad a series of text messages urging him to take his own life. Initially Michelle had encouraged Conrad to get help for his personal problems.

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7 Verses and 7 Prayers for Your Pastor

October’s Pastor Appreciation emphasis in many churches is a good reminder to pray for our servant-leaders during the month, of course. But these godly men and women stand in need of prayer every single day. Use these prayers as a starting point in your prayer time this month but let them also help you develop

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If You Saw Jesus in Glory

If you were to witness Jesus Christ in the fullness of His majesty, the brightness of His glory, how would you respond? Would you stand there unaffected?  Would you run away?  Or would you fall on your knees? A few highly blessed humans have seen Jesus Christ in glory. And when they did, they not

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7 Scriptures Explaining Our True Identity in Christ

Sep 25, 2019 |

What is our true identity in Christ? The Holy Bible offers a clear explaination. These 7 key passages from the New Testament offer truthful insights.

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What Would You Do with Space in Your Life?

Jesus told us not to worry about tomorrow. But what happens when we place ourselves in situations where we can’t help but worry about the unknown?

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You’re Invited into the Holy of Holies

Take your Bible and open it to Psalm 120. Do you notice a little subheading just below the chapter number? Do you see “A Song of Ascents” (NKJV) or “A Song of Degrees” (KJV)? As you scan ahead to Psalm 121, Psalm 122—all the way to Psalm 134—you will see the same subheading. These fifteen

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Back to School: Top 10 Bibles for Students

It’s that time of year again! With summer nearing an end and school starting back up, it’s time to get your child equipped for the start of a great year! With that said, here’s a list of the Top 10 Bibles for your little loved ones.   Sequin Sparkle & Change Bible(ages 6-10) NKJV & ICB

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Three Stories to Help Young People Find Identity in Christ

Every bit as valuable as the Bible’s words of encouragement, wisdom and inspiration are its stories of people, like us, who learned life-changing lessons—lessons that still apply today. These stories can be valuable utensils in a parent’s toolbox. No matter what situation you and your child are facing, you can find a Bible story that fits it.

Case in point: If you’re trying to help your child find his or her identity in Christ, here are three stories you can use to shed light on the process.

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How God’s Word Came to Us

This is part 1 of the 5-part Bible study Knowing God’s Word. This study seeks to understand how knowing the Bible bring us close to God and responding to God’s will. Click here to join the Thomas Nelson Bible email list and receive the full 5-part Bible study.  Download Study Guide for Part 1 The

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