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4 Passages to Spark Your Spiritual Growth

Arrested development isn’t an option for followers of Christ. We have a sacred responsibility to mature continuously in our faith, to become more Christlike, to grow more attuned to God’s will. Maintaining a spiritual status quo does no one any good. The Lord urges us to dive deeply into Scripture so that we can become

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The New Year Game Plan

If you’ve ever been unsuccessful in an attempt to read through the Bible in one year, you probably know that Leviticus is where it starts to go wrong. Genesis is action-packed and full of familiar stories and people. The same goes for Exodus—most of it, that is. And then comes Leviticus. And somewhere among the

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1 Go-To Gift, 10 Ways to Get There

The world’s best-selling book. The world’s greatest message. Give it away this Christmas. The joy and tenderness of the Christmas season often make hearts more receptive to God’s Word. So, year after year a Bible is a favorite choice for Christmas list makers. Here are 10 suggestions to get your shopping all wrapped up. And

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Celebrate Christmas All Year

The celebration of Christmas is a bittersweet experience for many people. We get caught up in the excitement of the season. We fill our December with church events, work parties, family gatherings, and shopping excursions. We embrace the spirit of the Advent. Our anticipation builds as Christmas Day approaches. But it all comes to end

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Become a Missionary This Christmas

Here are four phrases to consider if you’d like to become a missionary this Christmas.

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Nerves of Steel: 6 Questions with Tammie Jo Shults

When young Tammie Jo Bonnell first watched fighter jets race across the New Mexico skyline, she felt the desire to become a pilot but little did she know God was inviting her on a journey that would inspire countless of people through her commit to faith, courage, and family. Today Captain Tammie Jo Shults is a retired navel pilot, known for being one of the first female fighter pilots in US Navy history, and the storied captain of Southwest Airlines Flight 1380, which she safely landed after the aircraft suffered a major engine failure and rapid decompression.

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Who Was Esther?

Nov 26, 2019 |

Quick Look at the Book of Esther: God’s hand of providence and protection on behalf of His people is evident throughout the Book of Esther, though His name does not appear once. Haman’s plot brings grave danger to the Jews and is countered by the courage of beautiful Esther and the counsel of her wise

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Holy Bible Mary Mother of Jesus

My Soul Magnifies the Lord

It’s hard even for us, these many centuries later, to wrap our heads around it: A Holy God loves us so much that He chose to become human; walk among us yet remain sinless; die a ghastly death in our stead; resurrect; and ascend to heaven where yet today He sits at the right hand

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Three Strategies for Nurturing Gratitude When Thankfulness Is Hard

The season of Thanksgiving on the calendar doesn’t always coincide with a season of thanksgiving in our lives. If you’re struggling to embrace the true purpose of the holiday—or having difficulty finding things to be thankful for because of the circumstances you’re facing—here are a few ideas to help you.

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Who Are the Biblical Patriarchs?

The term “patriarch” refers to the founder or ruler of a tribe, family, or clan. The Israelites traced their ancestry to one man—“the patriarch Abraham.”

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