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Connecting Our Work with God’s Work

Jul 11, 2017 |

Psalm 60 reminds us of a profound truth that God is eternal and unchanging, while humanity is destined to die. Interestingly, Moses ends his song by asking God to show His own work by ensuring that His people’s work endures. His prayers essentially asked that God give meaning, significance, and purpose to His creatures’ labors. At one extreme, our everyday work may feel like a drudgery done only for someone else’s profit– or at the opposite, extreme, it may feel like a pursuit of raw personal ambition. Connecting our work with God’s work helps us to avoid both hazards. Our work becomes a testimony to God’s goodness and a way of conveying His grace to everyone we serve.

Think About It:

Do you work for your own personal gain or for the glory of God? Do you find yourself falling on one “extreme” or the other?

Devotional drawn from:

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  1. Tessa Kerrich-Walker says:

    What is God’s work?

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