The Breathe Life Bible

January 5, 2024


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Christians are called to be the hands and feet of Jesus in the world.

To be proclaimers of good news—agents of reconciliation with a message of hope, and faith that takes action. We need wisdom from God’s Word, power from His Spirit, hope from His gospel, and faith that He will equip us for the task.

The Breathe Life Bible invites you to experience Scripture through the lens of the BREATHE acronym: Believe, Reconcile, Exalt, Act, Trust, Hope, and Elevate. Receive practical biblical encouragement. Find answers to some of life’s most difficult situations. Discover what faith in action really looks like as we pursue God’s vision of being a community where all people are valued and cared for.


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The Breathe Life Bible draws on the wisdom and experience of 24 leaders who are deeply invested in addressing issues of justice with biblical truth including Dr. Bernice A. King, Bishop Hezekiah Walker, Ambassador Andrew Young, Rev. Matthew Wesley Williams, Dr. Thelma Thomas Daley, Derrick Johnson, and more.

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The Breathe Life Bible, Introduction article by Dr. Bernice A. King

The Foreword, The Prayer, & The Insight

The Breathe Life Bible includes an introduction article by Rev. Dr. Bernice A. King, foreword by Ambassador Andrew Young, and prayer of dedication by Bishop Hezekiah Walker.

The Breathe Life Bible, The Sky article by Rev. Matthew Wesley Williams


Dive more deeply into faith in action with these three focused articles written by Rev. Matthew Wesley Williams (President, Interdenominational Theological Center), Dr. Thelma Thomas Daley (President, National Council of Negro Women), and Derrick Johnson (President, NAACP). Through God’s Word, you are empowered to live a fruitful, abundant life, fully engaged in the pursuit of healthy relationships with God and others.

The Breathe Life Bible, "the Air" Hebrews book introduction


Increase your understanding with introductions and overviews for each book of the Bible’s content and themes, plus insights on each book’s relevance to the hearts of people of color today.

The Breathe Life Bible, "We Speak" feature, "I Am Ruth"


Look at life through the eyes of 49 people in the Bible. Relate to the joys, sorrows, victories, and defeats of those who lived long ago and glean insights on how to live today.

The Breathe Life Bible, Inhale/Exhale article


A Q&A format addresses some of the most difficult life situations with answers that remind you that it is possible to rise above challenges in God’s power.

The Breathe Life Bible, Life Support article


Explore how God’s truth can be applied to action steps in your life through 10 passages in the Bible.

The Breathe Life Bible, #Oxygen feature


Be challenged and encouraged with 98 brief snippets of wisdom drawn straight from the Word.

The Breathe Life Bible, Release article


Focus on tenets of the BREATHE acronym—Believe, Reconcile, Exalt, Act, Trust, Hope, Elevate—through this series of 49 devotions developed by Christian pastors and teachers who seek hope and guidance in God’s Word.

Additional FEATURES

  • Index of articles
  • Cross references and concordance
  • Full color maps
  • Words of Christ in red
  • Clear and readable 10-point NKJV Comfort Print®


Michele Clark Jenkins is the author of She Speaks, a former HBO and Black Family Channel executive, and acts as the Senior Director, Consulting Group for Griffin & Strong, P.C. Stephanie Perry Moore is a bestselling author of 80 novels and is the showrunner for The Cool and the Strong a scripted SCETV/PBS show based off her newest book series, Magic Strong. Together, Jenkins and Moore are the cofounders and leaders of Sisters in Faith, a ministry devoted to encouraging and empowering African American women with God’s Word.

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