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Angel Unaware

May 23, 2017 |

After becoming the Hollywood couple everyone loved to love, Roy and Dale Evans Rogers shared with their adoring public their excitement at becoming parents. Throngs of people waited impatiently to see the child blessed to have the “Queen of the West” and the “King of the Cowboys” as parents.

Roy and Dale’s daughter, Robin Elizabeth Rogers, was diagnosed with Down syndrome. She died before her second birthday. In her book Angel Unaware, Dale wrote words of encouragement to parents of children with disabilities:
Though you heart may be breaking,
it will pass in a little while.
The stranger may be aching
for the sunshine of your smile.

She also encouraged others to love generously, hoping in the promise of Hebrews 13:2:
Don’t see a difference.
Just warmly give your welcome.
The hand you clasp may be the hand
of an Angel Unaware.

Think About It:

What Scriptures encourage you in times of despair? Who do you know that could use that same kind of encouragement?

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