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December 10, 2020

Spend the next 21 days in the Gospel of John for a deeper, transformative experience with God!

“Abide in Me, and I in you.”

You were created to abide with God the way a branch dwells on a vine in a life-sustaining connection. The Bible is a means by which we encounter God, get to know Him, enjoy Him, and discover our purpose in life. Let God’s Word dwell (abide) in you.

Join the thousands of believers who have benefitted from this FREE opportunity to transform your walk with God through Scripture.

Over the course of this free video series, you’ll discover how implementing long-established Scripture engagement practices can help you experience, understand, and apply Scripture in a powerful new way. Lead by Dr. Phil Collins, Director of Taylor University Center for Scripture Engagement, the 21 videos in this study last between 10-15 minutes and draw from the free pdf of the Gospel of John we will provide from The Abide Bible.

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When you sign up, you’ll get:

  • A daily email that will link to a roughly 15-minute devotional experience on a chapter of the beloved Gospel of John, hosted by Taylor University professor Dr. Phil Collins.
  • A free pdf download of the Gospel of John from The Abide Bible to follow along.

This FREE daily devotion series was developed in conjunction with Bible Gateway and the Taylor University Center for Scripture Engagement.

We pray that this approach to Scripture will help open your spiritual eyes and ears to experience a more intimate, fruit-filled relationship with our heavenly Father.

What People Are Saying about 21 Days in John

“There is a freshness in this study I have never heard this teaching before. It helps me see the Word of God in a new and real way.”

“Just what I needed, this will help me draw near to God.”

“I’m a new Christian and just hungry for the words of Jesus and God. Thank you for sharing this.”

“This was a great study time and video. Just long enough and made me feel like my teacher was right there with me in the room, teaching me personally great truths to dig into the Word. It was so easy to access and download the Book of John. Thank you!”

“I enjoyed it very much! I cried because I felt God calling me to study more in depth all of his word!”

“I don’t know how to Bible Study. I don’t know how do anything really besides reading random verses and the usual prayer. This resource made contemplating the Word of God not only simple and concise but fun.”

“That was awesome, I enjoyed the presence of God.”

“I am going to enjoy reading the Bible more with these new tools.”

“Scripture engagement from The Abide Bible is a practice that has very much changed my life and…how I pray and how I talk with God throughout the day.”

“I spent numerous years reading the Bible, but I never used this method that will help to fully engage the Scriptures like this. I would sometimes get lost in what I was trying to study (kind of like getting lost in a forest without a compass). I truly am excited about going through the book of John and applying what I learned to any of the other books of the Bible.”

“Thank you very much for your method of ensuring that I study the bible in a way that I would experience God.”

 “This was a helpful way to slow down and really internalize and chew the passage.”

 Get Started!

Below are free downloads of the Gospel of John from The Abide Bible that will be referenced in this series, available in the NKJV or the NET translations.

NKJV Gospel of John

Philippians cover from the NKJV Abide Bible

NET Gospel of John

cover of Matthew from the NET Abide Bible


Experience 21 Days in John with The Abide Bible

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