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Unleash the Power of Worship in Your Life

Sep 10, 2018 |

When it comes to worship, reading the Bible—especially the Psalms—is like watching a highlight reel of Michael Jordan playing basketball or Serena Williams playing tennis. You’re seeing the best of the best at the top of their game.

If you want a glimpse of what worship can be—if you want to learn how to unleash its power in your life—here are four places to start your search.

Worship is the only logical response to God’s blessings (1 Chronicles 16:23-31):

A little context: David wrote these words of worship in response to one of the most joyous events recorded in the Old Testament, the return of the Ark of the Covenant to Jerusalem. As the king of Israel, David was overjoyed that the symbol of God’s presence among His people would reside in Israel’s capital city.

“Sing to the Lord; declare His glory among the nations,” David instructed. This was more than an event to be celebrated; it was a development to be broadcast to all the people of the earth. As far as David was concerned, worship was the only logical response to God’s blessings.

Worship recalls God’s work in humanity (Psalm 99):

Two things of note here: First, when it comes to worship, our first instinct is to focus on God’s “nice” qualities—His love, His compassion, His mercy. Yet those are only a few of His perfections—and they only begin to reveal the full extent of His nature. In this passage, the psalmist celebrates God’s holiness and justice, which cause trembling among some people.

Second, one of the deepest wells to draw from in our own worship is God’s work in the lives of Bible heroes. Here the psalmist recalls God’s intervention in the lives of Moses, Aaron and Samuel.

Worship is an offering of creativity (Psalm 29):

This is graduate-level worship—a prime example of David doing what he did best. Notice the detail and creativity he weaves into his worship. He’s not content to declare, “The Lord is powerful,” and leave it at that. He glorifies the power of God’s voice. He paints an image of the Lord’s words felling the mighty cedars of Lebanon. He pays tribute to God’s intricate work in nature.

In so doing, he expands the possibilities of worship and shows the way for anyone who would like to raise their worship to the next level. Adding creativity and personality to the way you praise and adore God creates a more meaningful worship experience.

Worship directs others to worship (Psalm 100):

This psalm of thanksgiving is a prime example of the corporate worship model found throughout Scripture. In it, the worship leader directs worshipers’ thoughts to specific aspects of God’s character and works.

We read the psalm as followers. It tells us to “Be thankful to Him, and bless His name. For the Lord is good; His mercy is everlasting, and His truth endures to all generations.” So we show thankfulness and bless God’s name for the reasons the psalmist lists.

But what if we approached worship from the psalmist’s perspective, creating our own instructions to worshipers and offering reasons that are especially meaningful to us (“Stand in awe before the Lord because of the mighty healing power of His hand”)? It can be a great way to shake up our personal worship habits.


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Think About It:

What are some ways you implement strong worship in your life?

16 comments on “Unleash the Power of Worship in Your Life

  1. Joba Koyu says:

    GO with Almighty Lord Jesus Christ Amen

  2. Grace Lamb says:

    This is awesome. It helps me see worship in a new way. Thank you so much for sharing.

  3. Dr. Mark Taylor says:

    Thank you for the article. I’ve researched worship in the Bible extensively and came to this definition of worship: “The nature of a right relationship with God.”

    As your article states, worship is a response to God’s blessings but it is so much more. It is how we relate to Him. It is how we rightly communicate with Him. It is impossible to have a right relationship with Him or to communicate rightly with Him without worship. And one of the results is God’s responding to our worship by providing power in our lives.

  4. Ana Esparza says:

    This year I’ve let go of listening to secular music and began to listen to worship and I worship a long. I’ve seen a big difference when I wake up theres a worship song in my mind. I thank God for that. Nothing better than to wake up to Gods grace!!

    1. Joel Oguche says:

      I totally agree with Ana. Nothing is better than to wake up to God’s grace. Personally in my life I become dissatisfied when I cannot feel the nearness of God’s presence. At this point nothing else makes sense until I get to touch God through worship and prayer. thank you Joba for this article

  5. Michael Keetch says:

    Surely worship is to be conducted on God’s terms; after all, He is the one being worshipped. If that “experience” is meaningful to us all very good but truthfulness is the most important thing. John Calvin placed this as a higher priority than the need for salvation.

  6. Barbara Davis says:

    Our truthful relationship with God leads us to true worship through salvation. Accepting God’s forgiveness, maintaining a right relationship, humility all becomes interwoven in worship. Worship becomes a lifestyle.

  7. Amy says:

    Worship is my strength for every moment I can give God. Through all things good or bad I need to stay in praise n worship to uplift to stay in peace n joy to stand to press on toward what He is taking me to. God bless

  8. Jerry Olson says:

    Blessed be the Lord , who is worthy of all glory, honor, power, and praise. Now, and forevermore . Thank you for this teaching.

  9. Nwankire Confort says:

    Thanks for sharing. Worship is comly . It is good to worship God because it brings us direct to the presence of the Lord.

  10. Michael Karo Dickson says:

    This is a great lesson, I think what God really deserves from us is true worship the Bible recorded in John chapter 4 that God is Spirit and those who will worship him will worship him in spirit and in truth, the Bible further tells us in John 17 that the word of God is truth, so like this topic pointing out four good scriptures that will lead us in deep worshipping with the word of God is key I appreciate and find it very interesting in worshipping God in this deeper way with his word and in the beauty of his holiness, it also open the door for worshipping God in the spirit by speaking in unknown tongues. Thank you for this topic.

  11. June Mangilin says:

    Worship is not a slow or a fast song, worship is the condition of your heart towards God. A desire of the heart that focus unto Him alone with fear and trembling, a desire to draw near to Him in spirit and in truth. That’s why David was called “ a man who after God’s own heart “.

  12. Psalmist mc kalenga says:

    Wow!!this is powerful as a worshipper have learnt a lot

  13. Terry Mwangi says:

    Worship is the ultimate expression of adoration to our God and it’s the one thing He cannot do for Himself

  14. Moses Beckley says:

    Our bodies should be the temple or sanctuary of the living GOD, therefore praising GOD as we live and walk in the Spirit as GOD is Spirit , offering our bodies as living sacrifices(denying our ourselves in honour of GOD) and in holiness becomes our reasonable service and acceptable worship.

  15. aina funmilayo says:

    Worship should be an attitude, should be part of you

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