Test Your Bible Knowledge: Question Six

November 11, 2021

What is the shortest of Paul’s epistles? 

Correct! Philemon is the shortest epistle of Paul’s epistles in the New Testament.

Read the book of Philemon here.

The introduction to the book of Philemon from the NET Art Edition Bible says: “The briefest of Pauls’ letters (only 334 words in the Greek text) is a model of courtesy, discretion, and loving concern for the forgiveness of one who would otherwise face a death sentence. 

The forgiveness that the believer finds in Christ is beautifully portrayed by analogy in Philemon. Although Onesimus is guilty of a great offense (see v 11,18), Paul is moved to intercede on his behalf (see vv. 10-17). Paul lays aside his rights (see v. 8) and becomes Onesimus’s substitute by assuming his debt ( see vv. 18-19). By Philemon’s gracious act, Onesimus will be restored and placed in a new relationship (see vv. 15-16). In this analogy, we are as Onesimus. Paul’s advocacy before Philemon is parallel to Christ’s work of mediation before the Father. Onesimus was condemned by law but saved by grace.

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