“The beauty of the King James translation has inspired readers for four centuries. Now, with more clarity for generations to come, the NKJV is the logical choice for the GAITHER HOMECOMING BIBLE because our passion is to build bridges between our rich heritage as believers and the future challenges yet unseen to which, as in the past, the living word of God will give direction, comfort, revelation, and hope for real life.”
–Bill and Gloria Gaither

“When writing articles and insights offering guidance for couples to accompany the Bible, it was our hope to maintain the poetry and beauty found in the King James Version Bible and a clarity understood in today’s language. The New King James Version allowed just that. This accurate and faithful translation can inspire couples to let God become a stirring presence in their marriage and allow them to experience a richness that only He can bring.”
–Dennis and Barbara Rainey

“I was delighted … I have read the entire New Testament and found it to be true to the spirit and letter of the King James Version.”
–Dr. Cornelius Van Til, Westminster Seminary, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

“The New King James Bible could be that Bible which will unify again our Bible language and discussion.”
–Dr. Gary G. Cohen, Miami Christian College, Miami, Florida

“In style and vocabulary, the New King James endeavors to maintain a usage that is at once readable and, at the same time, an appropriate vehicle for God’s Holy Word … It avoids stiff literalness on the one hand and interpretive paraphrase on the other … the New King James preserves many ancient readings which otherwise might be lost to the English reader.”
–Dr. Harry Sturz, Biola University, La Mirada, California

“People often ask me why I use the New King James translation of the Bible. First and foremost, it’s because I like an exact equivalency translation—one that is meticulous with the text of the original languages. This is not to say that other translations or paraphrases of the Bible don’t present the truth; they do. It is to say that in my study, when I want to grow in the Word of God and know I’m reading it exactly the way it came out of the Bible, the New King James Version is the translation I choose.”
–Dr. Jack W. Hayford, Founder and President, The King’s University

“The idea of revising or updating the beloved King James Bible isn’t a shocking, new idea at all. The current edition is the fifth revision of 1769. In the New King James Version, the 1611 Bible has been systematically-and prayerfully-analyzed and revised word-by-word under stringent guidelines to ensure that the original meaning of God’s Word is preserved in understandable language.”
–Dr. James D. Price, Temple Baptist Theological Seminary, Chattanooga, Tennessee

“The King James Bible has been the standard English Bible for the whole English-speaking world for centuries, and I think that it is wise to keep as much of that tradition as we can.”
–Dr. R. K. Harrison, Wycliffe College, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

“In developing The American Patriot’s Bible and illustrating the intersections between the formation of America and the Christian faith, the NKJV translation was a tremendous benefit. The accuracy the NKJV provides to the integrity of the Word, along with the clarity it offers readers, makes it the ideal choice among Bible translations.”
–Dr. Richard Lee, Pastor of First Redeemer Church, Speaker for There’s Hope America

“All of my life I’ve attempted to bring the utter joy of God’s plan for living to the people, and I can’t think of a better way to convey this joy than through the beautiful, readable New King James Version.”
–Dr. Robert Schuller, Garden Grove Community Church, Garden Grove, California

“I am especially impressed with the international flavor of the New King James Version. There has been a need … for a standard edition in updated language that can be used for the entire English-speaking world.”
–Dr. Ted Engstrom, World Vision International, Monrovia, California

“I’m fond of the New King James Version and decided to use this translation for the START! Bible because it’s easy for new believers to understand. I’ve been preaching from the NKJV for years. It holds to the poetic and accurate qualities of the King James Version, but yet it uses modern words that give a clear understanding of God’s Word.”
–Greg Laurie, Senior Pastor of Harvest Christian Fellowship

“The New King James Version is an exceptionally rich and accurate translation of Holy Scripture. Because this classic translation has withstood the test of time and the careful scrutiny of many, it was a high privilege to write the accompanying study notes. During the process of incorporating the comments, I obviously plunged deep into the entire text. The further I studied it, the more profoundly I trusted its integrity. I highly recommend this valuable text.”
–John MacArthur, president of The Master’s College and The Master’s Seminary

“In these days of new and constantly changing Bible translations, the New King James Version (NKJV) stands firm as a very faithful and reliable translation of God’s holy Word. What I appreciate most about the NKJV is its accuracy. You can be sure that the pronouns and words of the NKJV correspond precisely to the original Hebrew or Greek text. I recommend the NKJV.”
–Pastor Brian R. Keller, St. Stephen Lutheran Church-WELS, Adrian, MI

“The New King James Version is a beautiful translation that can help any student of the Bible further understand God’s heart for the poor and His call for followers to live out the whole Gospel.”
–Richard Stearns, President of World Vision U.S.

“Our lives are richer when we rest in the truths of the Bible. Having a trusted Bible translation can help as we grow in our relationship with God and are confident in sharing His love with others. The New King James Version is an accurate Bible translation that clearly shares the message of grace and hope for our lives. It is with honor that we’ve developed the Women of Faith Devotional Bible using the NKJV Bible translation, as it is ideal for nurturing readers spiritually, emotionally, and relationally.”
Women of Faith