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Lessons in Leadership

Mar 21, 2017 |

Business literature is cluttered with how-to books profiling famous people who achieved success through power, ambition, and manipulation. The Roman empire was similarly dominated by dynasties guilty of tyranny, greed, and violence. Jesus modeled a style of leadership that was entirely unique in both His time and ours. His methods are free of distortion and abuse. He is a true leader, a priest who . . .

• Focused on people and their connection with God (Heb. 5:1).
• Showed compassion to the weak and ignorant (5:2).
• Faced sin head-on (5:3).
• Refused to promote Himself but let God call Him into His role (5:4).

Jesus was the perfect priest (Heb. 5:5–10)—a portrait that the writer admits may be difficult to grasp (5:11–14). But those who seek to grow into Christlike maturity need to consider it carefully. Jesus provides for all who seek His help. All we need to do is ask (4:14–16).

Think About It:

In what ways can your leadership benefit from Scripture rather than worldly means?

Devotional drawn from:

The MacArthur Study Bible

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