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Leaders Celebrate Milestones

Apr 11, 2017 |

Effective leaders appreciate the value of celebrating momentous things that God has done. When a task is completed, results achieved, or people served, they make time to rejoice.

When the people finished the wall, Nehemiah launched a celebration (Neh. 8:1, 10). Ezra led off by reading from the Law—the motivation behind Nehemiah’s mission. The words kindled both godly sorrow (9:1–3) and genuine joy (8:10–12).

Then with heartfelt praise, choice food, and even an “Amen” chorus (8:6), the community applauded the work they had accomplished with God’s help (6:16).

Nehemiah also sent portions of the food “to those for whom nothing is prepared” (8:10). He brought the party to the poor, sharing the wealth, because no one should be deprived of joy.

As leaders we must create ways to celebrate milestones. Rejoicing opens the door to worship the Lord, the source of all good gifts. Let us praise Him for giving us a task and the means to accomplish it.

Think About It:

What milestones can you celebrate in your life? Who deserves the most praise for these events?

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