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Leaders Build a Circle of Trust

Aug 8, 2017 |

Distinguishing truth from falsehood challenges people in positions of authority for several reasons: • Subordinates often pursue personal agendas. Some might filter the truth to further their own goals. • Subordinates often hesitate to tell their superiors bad news. • Subordinates may be reluctant to voice ideas or opinions that they think that their boss

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Leaders Serve

Aug 1, 2017 |

When Jesus’ disciples quarreled over who among them was greatest, He called their attention to His new style of assessing importance. He told them that attaining greatness required becoming a slave. Leading would mean taking the role of a servant. Jesus’ own example shows us what servant-leadership looks like: • We are called by God

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People at Work

Jul 25, 2017 |

When God made human beings in His image (Gen. 1:26-30), He appointed them as His coworkers in overseeing creation and gave them dominion over His works. Consider the implications of that fact: We bear God’s image. God has invested human beings with dignity and value. We matter. Who we are and what we do are

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God’s Purpose for You Is Active

Jul 18, 2017 |

To honor the purposeful and pure God: • Do justly. • Love mercy. • Walk humbly with your God. Those three commands are a tall order. But in one sense they are clear and can be completed by any believer. A child can cut the last brownie and let the sibling choose. That’s a way

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Connecting Our Work with God’s Work

Jul 11, 2017 |

Psalm 60 reminds us of a profound truth that God is eternal and unchanging, while humanity is destined to die. Interestingly, Moses ends his song by asking God to show His own work by ensuring that His people’s work endures. His prayers essentially asked that God give meaning, significance, and purpose to His creatures’ labors.

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Faith and Works

Jul 4, 2017 |

The great reformer Martin Luther, champion of the doctrine of salvation through faith alone, never felt good about the epistle of James. He called it an “epistle full of straw” in the preface to his 1522 edition of the New Testament, and he put the book in the appendix. He preferred Paul’s wording of the

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Beyond the Mess

Jun 27, 2017 |

Benjamin West, a famous portrait painter at the time of the American Revolution, remembers one of his earliest attempts to paint. He had been left to care for his little sister and used the time to paint her portrait in colored inks. He was oblivious to the mess he made; when his mother, Sarah, returned

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Finding Joy at Work

Jun 20, 2017 |

The Bible affirms that God’s original design for work was good—even “very good” (Gen. 1:31). Only after Adam, and Eve rebelled against the Lord did work come under the Curse, making labor toilsome (Gen. 3:17-19). Yet God still wants our work to be significant and satisfying. Proverbs suggests how we can make that happen: •

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One Woman’s Devotion

Jun 13, 2017 |

Out of the materialism and ruthlessness of Israel during the period of the judges, Hannah emerged as a woman of faith. From her home in the hills north of Jerusalem, she had traveled to Shiloh, the national place of worship. Her sadness of heart and persistence in prayer contrasted sharply with the prevalent corruption in

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God’s Purpose Requires Response

Jun 6, 2017 |

We cannot go through life passively if we want to live in accord with God’s purpos¬es. If we are passive, opportunities to join in the work of God will pass us by. Now that you know your purpose is designed and given by God, it’s time you become active by living according to it. Quite

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