How to Build Your Religion Reference Library

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Must haves to deepen your understanding of the world, grow your faith and enrich your life!

As you build your collection of Bible and religious studies resources, you will discover more about what the Bible says and means, explore your faith with others, and gain insight into Christian tradition and how it is different from other religions. The importance of a strong, deep reference library to your faith and knowledge is immeasurable.

Bible resources have one main goal: to provide information that gives you greater understanding of the Bible. Dollar for dollar, Bible reference books are an exceptional value because typically they are larger books that contain more key information than general trade books.  Good resources are investments that pay dividends as long as you keep opening their covers.

Below is a guide for how to begin building your collection of Bible resources.

Broadening Your Reference Library

A good reference library doesn’t just include Bible Study tools. The best library will build on a biblical foundation with books on Christian life, the church, and world religions.

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Step 1. Buy Books on Christian Life and Church History

Your faith grows when you learn more about Christian theology and history. You will strengthen your Christian Life by better understanding how traditions developed from the biblical texts. You will learn about the Trinity, the origins of baptism, and spiritual warfare. A strong reference on church history will help you understand what it means to be Protestant, Catholic, or Orthodox. Better understand how denominations are different or similar.

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Step 2. Add Books on World Religions

We live in a world where your neighbor might be Jewish, Muslim, or Hindu. Introductions to other religions will help you understand your co-workers, friends, and neighbors. Resources on other religions and apologetics will help you communicate your faith to them more effectively.