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Pastors, Musicians, Scholars, Bestselling Authors, Bible Teachers and Students Praise The Voice Bible Translation

Bestselling author and humorist Jon Acuff and Michael Tait, lead singer of Newsboys have added their voices to the chorus of praise for the innovative new Bible translation,The Voice. They join a roster of scholars, pastors, and writers who’ve been favorably impressed with its beauty, style, and theological grounding. Acuff, author of Stuff Christians Like, loved how personal and intimate The Voice made the Bible. “Stories I'd read a hundred times jumped off the page!” he said.

The translation’s ability to make Bible stories “jump off the page”  is a refrain that resounds in many of the endorsements received by the publisher of The Voice, Thomas Nelson, Inc. Newsboys singer Tait says, “It brings to life...the Word of God.”  Author and pastor Pete Wilson says, “The Voice is the first translation that has made me audibly say ‘Wow.’ It’s fresh, enlightening and extremely accurate.”

Comments received about The Voice echo appreciation for its faithfulness to the original text, and for how it conveys the beauty and timelessness of Scripture. Many praised the exquisiteness of the translation: “The Voice Bible is a choral masterpiece,” says scholar and author Leonard Sweet. “If you want to walk in the beauty and majesty of Scripture, start here!” says Mark Denison, Senior Pastor, First Baptist Church, Conroe, Texas.

Women of Faith speaker and popular Bible teacher Lisa Harper comments, “The fluid, relevant format of The Voice is a great reminder that the Bible isn't a text book or a rule book but a divine love story. As a Bible teacher, I also appreciate the fact this is a translation instead of a paraphrase, which means it's both readable AND theologically reliable. The bottom line is, I think The Voice is the bomb!”

Thomas Nelson, Inc.’s research among Bible readers and pastors found that nearly two-thirds of the people who have seen it liked The Voice better than their current Bible. Like the notable people whose comments are featured at, they responded warmly to a fresh way to experience Scripture. 

Completed this year after seven years of work, The Voice is the result of a unique collaboration among scholars, pastors, authors, poets, musicians, and other artists. Their “dynamic translation” approach attempts to capture the unique literary quality of each book of the Bible.

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November 15, 2012